Saturday’s race in Zln honors the memory of trainer and optimist Noika

Saturday’s race in Zln honors the memory of trainer and optimist Noika
Saturday’s race in Zln honors the memory of trainer and optimist Noika

I hope that the event will be great and we will create a whirlwind, said 20-year-old Jakub Noika. On my own initiative, I will give out medals with my father’s likeness and T-shirts with the name of his old team Milda sprintteam, I can stand out from the rest. Many thanks to the head of the Bhy Zln organization for supporting us, otherwise it would not have been possible.

Milan Noika, a native of Zln, played for Jiskra Otrokovice and AK PSK Zln, specializing in the sprint track. At the end of the nineties of the last century, he groomed for training, in 1996 he became the head coach of the Talented Youth Center Zln, for the last six years he was the coach of SSK Vtkovice.

He led a lot of bc, almost every year he had 1 or 5 national champions both indoors and outdoors. It was very underappreciated for me, such a friction I used to have my centers. Tta took it seriously, with love and for good reason. He never even wanted much for it, Jakub Noika recalled.

He is so bh, but unlike his father, he is persistent. He also took the children he was leading on vacations to take care of them. il tm. And he never told him. I would like to be on a similar level to teach my children and instill good values ​​in my personal life like him.

Noik’s most famous champion was the sprinter Erika Suchovska, who under his leadership ran the finals of the 200m at the 1998 European Championships and the semi-finals of the 1999 World Indoor Championships. As mentioned in the obituary of the Zln Athletic Club, he also trained Pavel Bure, Jaroslava Motek, Martina Ernochová and Karolna Maasová.

A lot of athletes from the cells of Moravia are going to honor Noik’s memory. For example, Jakub Bruck, a former world and former dancer.

He is a good friend of mine, so I used to dance professionally, and I met Jakub Noika, who works as a barber, is a model and trainer, and is also involved in combat sports.

That is why he invited the world kickboxing champion Robert Bek. And so the icons of bhu (and not only) in the Czech Republic and in the Zlnsk region Petr and Filip Vabrouk, athletics representatives Jaroslav motek and Petr Bartek, Nicolas Vojte and Adam Oscar Bloe of Slovakia, who coached Noika as well as Casey Long and Jaroslav Filek.

Even my little brother Milan won the Moravian championship at the age of ten with only one thorn a week. His father also led, revealed the organizer of the seduction in the seduction. Paraathlete Ondej Bartoek, who under Noika’s baton, made it to the world of spades, will also be at the start.

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