Buses will become more expensive in eastern Bohemia

Buses will become more expensive in eastern Bohemia
Buses will become more expensive in eastern Bohemia

“The changes in the tariff are the first after two years, when costs were increasing dramatically everywhere, including, of course, diesel, personnel costs, but also repairs and other services. The average price increase is 8.5 percent. For illustration, it is 2 kroner in the basic tariff,” said Deputy Governor for Transport Michal Kortyš.

The price of a network ticket for an individual was also increased from 160 to 200 crowns, the price of a network ticket for five people will be 500 crowns compared to the current 350 crowns. On the other hand, the fare for dogs is now a quarter instead of a half, but the price of a net for a dog has increased from 30 to 50 kroner, which is a quarter of the price for an individual. The price of individual tickets paid from the contactless IREDO chip card and multi-day tickets remains unchanged.

In addition to price increases, both regions are trying to introduce new measures to improve travel.

“The goal is to speed up check-in when boarding the bus. Students and pupils overwhelmingly buy weekly tickets in advance, which causes problems during check-in, especially on Mondays. Overall, 80 percent of the sales volume is paid in cash. When you add to that the often poor availability of a mobile signal when paying with a standard card, connections are again delayed,” explained Michal Kortyš, adding that after an agreement with the carriers, they will switch to offline payment. A new application should help reduce the number of cash payments and weekly newspaper purchases from the driver. The e-shop can already be used.

Czech Railways will increase the price of tickets by almost 10 percent

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