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According to the newsroom, Senator Tomáš Czernin will no longer defend the post of first vice president. However, he did not want to confirm it officially, he wants to communicate his opinion to fellow party members first.

He could be replaced by the current Minister of Health, Vlastimil Válek, or the chairman of the party’s caucus, Jan Jakob. Both have a nomination, three independent sources confirmed to Novinka. No one else has applied for the position yet. However, this may change by Saturday’s Diet.

Changes could also occur for rank-and-file vice-presidents. The party currently has four of them – Jan Jakob, Vlastimil Válek, MP and Chairman of the Agriculture Committee in the House of Representatives Michal Kučera and Senator Herbert Paver.

Together, but without each other. The parties of the coalition started their campaigns for the European elections

Kučera should defend the post. According to Novinek, MPs Marek Ženíšek, Matěj Ondřej Havel and Ondřej Kolář should also run for the seat of vice president.

MEP and deputy mayor of Prague Jiří Pospíšil and chairman of the Karlovy Vary regional organization Lukáš Otys are also to be nominated. Czernin could also apply for the post of ordinary vice-chairman.

However, it is possible that this list will expand even more by Saturday. But someone can also give up their nomination, often in favor of someone else.

President Pekarová again?

Markéta Pekarová Adamová could be elected as party leader again. She has no opponents yet.

TOP 09 organizes electoral assemblies every two years. The last time the party decided on a change in leadership was right after the parliamentary elections. The newly formed leadership should lead TOP 09 to the next elections to the Chamber of Deputies.

183 delegates to the Diet should come with the right to vote on Saturday. They will also elect the entire presidency and the executive committee of the party. In addition, they will newly establish a conciliation committee and a national revision commission of the party.

TOP 09 currently has 2,295 members, which is about 200 less than six years ago. The latest election models give her roughly five percent, which is the threshold for entering the House of Representatives. But the party ran in a coalition together with ODS and KDU-ČSL. He plans to keep this composition for the next elections to the European Parliament. And next year in June.

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