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You will surely agree that food is a joy, a pleasure and a necessity for health. If you want to enhance the experience of consuming it, go to a restaurant that takes everything to the next level. You can find this harmonious combination in the Tiskárna Národní restaurant. This is where the life of St. Martin’s menu tastes!

We invite you to the restaurant National Printer, where he honors the motto: “Here it tastes…! Currently, the St. Martin’s menu, which has been fine-tuned by the team of chef David Kalina. “I am of the opinion that you simply cannot cook without quality ingredients. It adds flavor to the food, you can’t cheat these ingredients.” he says David Kalinathe chef of the restaurant.

Stop by…

In addition to the fact that you can find the restaurant at Národní 39. The bar master will currently shoot you an honest beer from 14:00 to 17:00 for 39 CZK. Be sure to stop by for one of the specialties of modern Czech cuisine.

St. Martin’s menu:

POULTRY KALDOUN with vegetables and ham dumplings

GRILLED GOOSE LIVER with apples, shallots and cranberries, homemade brioche

Main meal
BAKED GOOSE LEG, red wine cabbage, potato and bun dumplings

OLD CZECH CAKE with jam, poppy seeds and cottage cheese

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