Stupek on Vtoni, the new bridge will be bronze. The train doesn’t run without these rails

Stupek on Vtoni, the new bridge will be bronze. The train doesn’t run without these rails
Stupek on Vtoni, the new bridge will be bronze. The train doesn’t run without these rails

A new architectural study according to Spin is a complex one, when the track will be divided into tracks, speed up to the right and connect to public transport, the accessibility of the bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and people in wheelchairs will be improved and the surroundings will be cultivated. The new bridge should thus meet the requirements of the European railways and after the construction of the new train station PrahaVto.

According to S, the best thing is to replace the old structure with a new one, because the bridge is at risk of corrosion.

Initial design of the new bridge (November 2022)

A new building could therefore reduce the costs of construction and demolition compared to repairs of the current structure. According to the organization Jaspers, the new bridge would cost one and 1.2 billion crowns, while the reconstruction with the construction of the new track would cost 1.75 and two billion, so replacing the bridge with a new structure could be 40 percent cheaper.

The association Nebourat stands against the construction of new bridge structures and these tracks. Inadequate capacity of the tracks for reasonable traffic is caused by the current inappropriate distribution of vehicles and inappropriate braking distance. The implementation of suitable infrastructure rights can ensure sufficient capacity for the expected range of traffic even on a two-track line, according to the association on its website, with the modernization of the security equipment helping to increase the capacity of the bridge.

The association filed a criminal complaint against S in 2008. According to his judge, pe is not enough. 19,000 people who signed a petition founded by the association came out to preserve the bridge.

I disagree with the association. The developer of the study presented by the association Nebourat incorrectly interprets the inputs into the input of train capacity and thus omits some insights of the line. It is also not permitted to simplify the operation of the subway, when all trains run one behind the other, which is not possible in the case of railway transport. The proposed Praha Vyehrad station is completely inappropriate for the locality with regard to the traffic service of the land and the connection to the public transport surface line, explained Pavel Paidar, editor of the construction planning department of the Railway Administration.

The association Neborat supported its claim by preparing a New Union II. According to S, these arguments are not correct either, because the underground train connection will probably last for about 20 years and will only be an addition to the Vtoni railway bridge in the 3 + 2 model, S explained in the press release.

Half of the suburban trains will be moved to the two underground tracks, while the bridge will be used by fixed-length and high-speed interregional traffic, along with spare regional/city lines, Paidar said.

The railway bridge on the Vtona was opened in its original form on August 15, 1872. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it was replaced by a bridge that still spans the Vltava River. According to experts, the construction is an important technical cultural monument in the Prask Monuments Reserve. S, which has been managing the bridge since 2008, has unsuccessfully tried twice in the past to remove the monument protection from the bridge, which the bridge received in 2004. In 2022, S presented the results of an architectural competition from which it selected the original design of the bridge.

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