The happiest employees are in Olomouc, the least in Karlovy Vary


Eight out of ten employees in the Czech Republic are happy at work, surveys dealing with worker satisfaction have repeatedly shown. But there are big differences between the individual regions: the positions of the “happiest” and “least happy” regions differ by more than forty percentage points. This follows from the latest representative survey of the personnel company Předvýběr.CZ, for which the data was collected by the agency Talk Online Panel.

“Most people feel happy at work in Olomouc, the fewest in Karlovy Vary. It is interesting that in both regions the strongest satisfaction factor is a good salary,” says František Boudný, director of Předvýběru.CZ. In the Olomouc region, 96.6% of respondents feel happy at work, while in Karlovy Vary only 53.8% of respondents feel happy. Thirty-five percent of people in Olomouc cited a good salary as a reason for job satisfaction, while fifty-four percent in Karlovy Vary.

Prague, with 84.7% of happy respondents, belongs to seven above-average regions – in addition to Olomouc, this also includes Liberec (95%), Zlín (92.6%), Pardubice (87.5%), South Bohemia (83.3%) and Hradec Králové (80%).

Employees are not as happy as in Karlovy Vary in any other region – the remaining regions are around eighty to seventy percent.

“The location of Karlovarsk is not surprising, it is one of the weakest regions on the labor market,” adds František Boudný.

Data for a representative survey was collected by the Talk Online Panel agency on a sample of 500 workers aged 18-59.

Regional ranking: Are you happy at work?

(the most important factor of job satisfaction is listed in parentheses)

1. Olomouc region 96.6% (good salary 34.5%)

2. Liberecký Region 95% (work that you enjoy 50%)

3. Zlín region 92.6% (work that you enjoy 40.7%)

4. Pardubice region 87.5% (good team 41.7%)

5. Prague 84.7% (work that you enjoy 30.8%)

6. South Bohemia region 83.3% (good pay 40%)

7. Hradec Králové region 80% (good salary 60%)

8. Pilsen Region 78.6% (work that you enjoy 39.3%)

9. Vysočina region 78.3% (work that you enjoy 47.8%)

10. Central Bohemian Region 76.1% (good team 29.9%)

11. South Moravian Region 73.7% (work that you enjoy 22.8%)

12. Moravian-Silesian Region 70.9% (good pay 29.1%)

13. Ústí Region 70.3% (work that you enjoy 29.7%)

14. Karlovy Vary Region 53.8% (good pay 53.8%)


Předvýběr.CZ is a Czech personnel company that has been operating on the market since 2008. It focuses on the pre-selection of suitable candidates, when it addresses applicants via online job portals, online databases, an extensive internal database of contacts and social networks. More than 50 employees working in the Prague headquarters and in regional offices in Vysočín, Brno and Ostrava take care of the quality search and relevance of candidates.

The personnel agency is the general partner of the Předvýběr.CZ Florbal Mladá Boleslav club and the general partner of the Předvýběr.CZ Bike Marathon Vysočina. It supports the activities of the Dobré výla association, the Cesta z krise institute, the women’s choir Akordum and the Kolo pro Adam sports challenge of the non-profit organization Černí kône. He is a member of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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