Where to go for football in the Pardubice region

Where to go for football in the Pardubice region
Where to go for football in the Pardubice region

/INVITATION/ This weekend, non-professional football competitions definitely have the last autumn ringing on their agenda. Most of them across the region and districts went to hibernate last week, but very interesting matches will still take place in the regional championship, division and third league.

Spectators in Ústí nad Orlicí will watch the highlight of the divisional autumn on Saturday afternoon.

| Photo: Jan Pokorný

The third division autumn will be closed by the district derby between Pardubice B and Živanice. It is a battle between the 15th and 12th teams in the running table, the rivals are separated by only one point, so it is clear how important points will be played for on Sunday morning at the stadium under Vinicí.

A direct duel for first place in divisional group C is a clear attraction for football fans from Ústí nad Orlicí and the surrounding area. Home Jiskra hesitated a week ago in Velké Hamre and fasted ahead of their arch-rival from Venátek nad Jizerou. To jump over him again, she needs only one thing: to win! And that against an opponent who has conceded only five goals in the fourteen rounds played so far (!), will be a very difficult task.

The last year of the regional championship must also answer the question of who will spend the winter at the helm. Despite the defeat against Lázně Bohdaneč, Horní Ředice continues to hold the trump card, but watch out, a strong Lanškroun will come to their field, determined to mess up the situation at the top of the table. Understandably, the Libyans are waiting for their chance, as they will be clear favorites against Přelouč.

And at the end of the autumn, the black champion Petar will be played, the second-to-last Třemošnice hosts the last and only two points worse Moravany.

Saturday 15.00: Mladá Boleslav – Pardubice.

Saturday 10.15: Chrudim – Vlašim.

Sunday 10.15: Pardubice B – Živanice (K Vinici).

Saturday 10.30am: Cosmonauts – Hlinsko. Saturday 14.00: Ústí nad Orlicí – Venátky nad Jizerou, Trutnov – Vysoké Mýto, Letohrad – Slavia Hradec Králové. Saturday 16.00: Chrudim B – Benešov (Hr. UMT V Průhony).

Saturday 14.00: Česká Třebová – Choceň, Litomyšl – Lázně Bohdaneč, Horní Ředice – Lanškroun, Prosetín – Svitavy, Heřmanův Městec – Holice, Libišany – Přelouč, Třemošnice – Moravany. Sunday 14.00: Vysoké Mýto B – Pardubice.

III. CLASS – Sunday 1.30pm: Sebranice – Clean.


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