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Overtaking signs for trucks will be added to the busiest D1 highway. The director of roads and highways, Radek Mátl, told Seznam Zprávám how the installation of the new signage will look. It starts this Saturday.

“Tomorrow around 11 a.m., we would start installing road signs prohibiting overtaking for trucks on the D1 highway, when we will extend the ban from kilometer 90 to kilometer 112, that is, in Vysočina,” explains the head of the ŘSD Mátl.

Additional prohibition signs will be erected in the section between the 141st and 182nd kilometers. Overtaking will not be allowed from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The next stage of marking will begin in 2024.

Markers for two stages

“We are preparing the second stage, which should be at the beginning of next year, when practically the entire D1 highway will be equipped with a ban on overtaking trucks. In general, this does not apply to places where there are overtaking streams, i.e. standing lanes,” adds Mátl.

Overall, this means that when the installation of the prohibition signs is finished, truck drivers will not be able to cross almost the entire D1 highway.

See where trucks will be prohibited from overtaking:

Photo: Directorate of Roads and Highways

Overtaking signs for trucks will be added on the D1 highway.

The new signage is also correct according to Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS).

“It is true that we are also based on historical experience, when, for example, in winter, trucks, especially from the southern states, experienced compilations and long-term congestion. The police is informed about the specific deployment. We will start installation on November 11, but the complete sections should be secured on November 15,” the Minister of Transport told Seznam Zprávám.

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Minister Kupka decided to quickly complete highways and build high-speed railways. But at the price that the state borrows for it or entrusts the construction to private investors. More in the analysis of reporter Václav Dolejší.

The Ministry of Transport has precisely described the sections where the new prohibition signs will be erected.

“On the D1, the number of places where it will be prohibited to overtake trucks over 3.5 tons, with the exception of sections with rising lanes. The ban will be extended in two phases, first in mid-November, the ban on overtaking trucks between km 90 Humpolec – km 112 Jihlava and the exit at km 146 Velké Meziříčí-východ – km 182 Kývalka will come into force,” the resort said, describing the next stage in in 2024.

“At the beginning of next year, this will be followed by the extension of the ban in the section 21. km Mirošovice – 90. km Humpolec and 112. km Jihlava – 141. km Velké Meziříčí-západ, again with the exception of the uphill lanes, where overtaking will be allowed.”

What about truck drivers?

The Česmad Bohemia hauliers’ association is not opposed to a sectional restriction of overtaking in principle, but it would mind an area restriction.

“However, the fault is not only on the side of the trucks, but in the inadequacy of the infrastructure. If the problem is in the hilly part of D1, it cannot be solved only by bans, but a positive approach is needed and in critical places work to expand to three lanes. If it works in Germany and Poland, why not here,” said spokesman Martin Felix in a statement earlier.

In September, the Seznam Zpráv reporter found out what the truck drivers themselves were saying about the upcoming news at gas stations on the D1 highway – if they understood the annoyance of the drivers and what the ban on overtaking would mean for them.

Just then, the driver Juraj was resting by the red truck with a Slovakian license plate. He has been behind the wheel for 12 years and works nine hours a day.

“If a truck is driving slowly in front of me and I have to follow it for several kilometers, I prefer to overtake it even when it is prohibited. It’s gross, but unfortunately it’s true. Sometimes I do it myself. I understand that drivers are upset. When a car drives behind us and flashes its lights, I have nowhere to turn,” admits Juraj, that he himself commits the unwelcome mischief.

That is why he would not like to see more prohibition signs, although on the other hand he reminds that there is a complete ban at home in Slovakia.

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