Night chase through the streets of Trmic. The driver inhaled almost two and a half per thousand


Another job was assigned to the police by a reckless driver who drove away from the Ustice customs officers. They arrested him after a few minutes of pursuit. A subsequent check with a breathalyzer measured his value at 2.41 per thousand. In Ústí, this is the second similar case within a few hours.

A drunk driver drove away in front of a patrol of Ustěk customs officials.

| Photo: Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

On Tuesday, shortly before midnight, a mobile patrol of customs officers stopped a Renault Trafic vehicle with a Czech registration plate using a light target as part of a road inspection at a post in Trmice in Ústeck. The driver did not respect the instruction to stop the vehicle, on the contrary, he went around one of the members of the patrol in an evasive maneuver, stepped on the gas and started to drive away.

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The patrol immediately began chasing the suspect vehicle. “The driver did not respond to the blue beacons and sound signaling and continued to elude the patrol, at the same time endangering other road users with his dangerous driving. After a few minutes, the customs officers managed to stop the speeding vehicle safely,” said Jiří Nejedlý, press officer of the Customs Office for the Ústí Region.

Night chase through the streets of Trmic. The driver inhaled almost two and a half per thousandNight chase through the streets of Trmic. The driver inhaled almost two and a half per thousandSource: Customs Administration of the Czech RepublicBoth the driver and the passenger were asked to get out of the car to conduct a security search and check of the vehicle. Inspections were negative. When asked by the patrol why he did not stop when prompted, the man gave unintelligible answers and showed obvious signs of consuming alcohol or narcotic and psychotropic substances.

The customs officials therefore called a police patrol to the scene, which conducted a breath test for alcohol on the forty-one-year-old driver with a positive result. The breathalyzer measured his blood alcohol level at 2.41 per thousand.

“The man is suspected of committing the offense of endangerment under the influence of an addictive substance, for which he faces a prison sentence of up to one year, a fine or a ban on activity,” added Nejedlý.

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Source: Police of the Czech Republic


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