Police have charged two men who spread lies about child abductions by Ukrainians


Criminal investigators have been investigating rumors of the alleged abduction of children since mid-July. There was a claim on the Internet that Ukrainians tried to kidnap a child in Rokycany, but he got away and ran away.

According to a post on the social network, the matter was allegedly brought to the attention of a Vietnamese who saw everything in front of the store. The police said in the summer that no abduction had taken place and that they were looking into the posts on social networks.

According to earlier information, the police found no reason to prosecute the pair for spreading the alarm. But now, due to the contributions of the thirty-two-year-old and thirty-six-year-old man, she has finally charged him. The police did not specify what was the reason for the turn in the case.

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“The younger of the men placed and published under his profile on the social network, based on his assumptions, unverified and unsubstantiated information, a post directed against foreigners living here. According to his statement, foreigners should have tried to kidnap a child in Rokycany. The older male suspect responded to this post on his profile with a comment in which he encouraged violence against these foreigners,” police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová informed about developments in the case.

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