She hit the wall with the clerk, got a probation. She called us dirty, the defendant defended herself


The incident took place last March. The accused woman and her mother then came to the town hall and wanted a chip for the dog. When the clerk tried to explain to the two women that they had to go to the vet first and then pay the fee for him, an argument began that escalated into a fight. “The younger of the women grabbed the worker by the hair, pushed her head to the ground and then slammed her against the wall. When the clerk got to her feet, the other woman pushed her in the back with force,” the prosecutor described the attack.

But both women denied it. “When I asked the clerk if we were entitled to free chipping of the dog, she became annoyed that she wouldn’t talk to me about it. At the time, I was fresh from laryngeal surgery and had a terrible voice. So the lady could have thought that I was drunk,” Kvetoslava Bimbová testified about what preceded the actual physical conflict.

When the clerk told her that she had to pay a fee after the dog was vaccinated by a veterinarian, her daughter intervened. “She told her that she didn’t believe her and that we would go and ask elsewhere. Then the clerk began to raise her voice. She screamed that we were dirt and to get out, that she didn’t have time to deal with us. When leaving the office, she slapped her daughter twice on the head from behind and started yelling that she was a bastard and that she would not talk to her like that,” described the older of the accused women, who allegedly tried to defend her daughter.

She yelled that we were dirt and then attacked us, claims the woman who allegedly punched the clerk against the wall

According to her, the clerk continued the attack in the corridor as well. “She raised her fist, so I grabbed her hand. Then she pinched me under the neck, where I had an outlet from the trachea. I called for help, he wanted to kill me. When other employees started coming out of the offices, she quickly put her hand to her body and stood at attention like a soldier,” Kvetoslava Bimbová described her version. They said they didn’t want to call the police, that it wouldn’t be worth it. “No one would have believed us anyway that they attacked us here,” concluded the defendant.

She threw it against the wall

The clerk described the situation differently. “They didn’t like that they have to go to the vet for the chip, then they can come to us to register the dog and pay a fee. They were upset that they were on benefits and had no money for it. They started complaining about the system, and I got up and opened the office door, saying that we really can’t solve this here,” the victim described.

The fight happened in the corridor. “The younger of the women grabbed me by the hair, teased me, and then threw me against the wall. I fell into the chair. I called for help. When I stood up, the other woman pushed me hard from behind and started screaming that I attacked her. She unwound her scarf and checked the cannula she had taken out of her neck,” said the clerk, who ended up on sick leave for 14 days after the attack due to a cervical spine injury.

He played cop and bullied people. When he was punished, he snarled that it was just fun

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