Modernization of the army is not in vain, you have to adapt to reality, said Ernochov

Modernization of the army is not in vain, you have to adapt to reality, said Ernochov
Modernization of the army is not in vain, you have to adapt to reality, said Ernochov

According to Ernochov, the army and the entire Ministry of Defense are working to improve the country’s defense capabilities through modernization, recruitment and other activities. At the event, the Minister congratulated the soldiers, as well as the policemen and members of the security forces, who took part in the mission and who, according to her, will be remembered and congratulated.

According to the daughter of General Karl Ehka, it is important that the soldiers see that society supports them. According to him, the fifth event is an example of unity and thus an opportunity for communication and looking for better ways between soldiers and civilians. According to him, the day of the windmills is not only about windmills and soldiers, but also about remembering all the tows and their sacrifices. The wolf is just immense suffering and a threat, he said, adding that it’s time to remember that.

According to the mayor of Prague 2, Jan Korsesky (ODS), the event on Mru Square is a traditional event, which the city has been organizing since 2015 in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Military Historical State. According to him, the program is open to the general public as well.

At Mru Square on Friday, Germans could see, for example, the BVP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the Titus armored vehicle, or a range of weapons and equipment. For example, the Department for Wind Turbines of the Ministry of Defense had a meeting there. In others, visitors could learn information about the recruitment process for the army or about the long-term project Training soldiers for the defense of the state (POKOS).

On the occasion of Saturday’s Day of the Weathermen, together with military chaplains, weathermen, representatives of the Ecumenical Council of Churches and the Czech Bishops’ Conference and other guests, they attended ecumenical services in the military church of St. John of Nepomuk in Hradany, Prague. The memory of the victims of the conflict was honored by a prayer for the fallen and the earth and a prayer for Mr.

On Friday evening, people will gather in the church of St. Nicholas on Staromstsk nmst. Other events are scheduled for Saturday, including a memorial act for Vtkov or the Concert for Heroes, which will be held in the St. Vata Church under the organization Post Bellum together with the Czech Radio.

Wolf Wind Day is celebrated as a reminder of November 11, 1918, when the treaty was signed and the First World War ended. The symbol became the elderberry, a flower that was the first to grow on the fields destroyed by battles and on the graves of fallen soldiers. November 11 has been celebrated as Day of the Wind since 1954, the Czech Republic first joined in 2001.

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