In the footsteps of Karel Hartig’s Ikov concern, set out with your mobile phone in hand

In the footsteps of Karel Hartig’s Ikov concern, set out with your mobile phone in hand
In the footsteps of Karel Hartig’s Ikov concern, set out with your mobile phone in hand

Nejdel ikovsk changed its name about a month ago. For this event, the team of the Loxper project, which freely connects the geolokan mobile application and real historical cities, prepared a route guide in cooperation with Prague 3. You can install the application and go to the first stop. At each stop, there is a picture, short text about the given city, etc., for solving it you can collect points, for which the people from Loxper will then get souvenir items. You can also follow the route with an audio guide.

Fascinating Hussites
Karel Hartig was the founder of ikov and its first mayor, he promoted its name and the naming of streets after Hussite fighters, Hussite history was very important to him. So, the route starts in Husitsk street by the first house that Hartig built and which is called U Jana iky z Trocnov. This prefigured Hartig’s entire Ikov market.

Hartig trained as a bricklayer and passed construction tests, then started working on many constructions in Czech, Hungary and Austria, we learn at the first stop.

A full circle is also connected with the walk.

The walk then continues to the U Boch bojovnik house, where Hartig lived as a pedestrian, which was his last residence. We will mention here that Hartig was also involved in the construction of the Josefov barracks, which is now the OC Palladium. Our long trail leads to Obansk zlon on Prokopov nmst, the construction plan was drawn up and signed by ikov as mayor. The bad bag didn’t last long and caused Hartig a lot of problems. From there we continue to Havlkovo nmst, which is dominated by the newly renovated town hall.

The first Ikovsk bike
The fifth stop is Komenskho nmst, where Hartig’s most important building stands, namely the wheel, which is actually the oldest wheel from the Czech Republic. The myth of the origin of cola was born in connection with the rapidly growing sweat dt, ns application informs. At that time, there was not enough capacity for Olan bikes, so new buildings were used.

From there we go to Praak, where Pbh ikova and Karel Hartig started. The family that Hartig belonged to had settled here. The penultimate stop is on Vtkov hill, where the famous battle for the Hussites took place. For Hartig, the history of the Hussites was a thousand years old, so it is not surprising that he was the first to succumb to the transformation of this land.

The walk is legal at the monument to Jan ika, its implementation was first initiated by Hartig. All efforts, however, did not bring about the erection of the statue, the day the statue was revealed almost eighty years later.

Get to know the help of applications
Another app that offers guided tours is, for example, SmartGuide. She offers a variety of audio guides, including tourist ones. He can install it, put it in your ear and take you to Putovn for Josef Lada or Krlovská cesta in Prague, if you want to see the sights. Geofun works as a game, in Prague you can play Murder in Splen and clarify a criminal case.

Vmna document

  • Efforts to change the name of this place originated in the nineties. The naming of Konvovy Street was discussed in the post-revolution period in connection with how society came to terms with the remnants of the previous regime, according to Prahy 3 spokeswoman Ji Hannich. But it was not possible to change then. In connection with Russia’s aggression last year, the debates about street names developed again. With the impact last year in March, the ptel ikova Club, the council and the council approved the change, concluded Hannich.
  • There were many reactions to the new street name, both negative and positive. Those who don’t agree with it are worried about the administration that such a step would entail, explains Hannich.
  • Mstsk st therefore took a number of precautions to make the whole situation easier for them. We managed to extend the deadline for changing the citizenship certificate, we reserved an extension of one hour for it, and we are implementing a wide-ranging information campaign, adds Hannich.
  • Thanks to this step, the whole process is much easier and more transparent for residents. MET

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