VIDEO: Mothers didn’t help the girls, reckless idiots got in their way

VIDEO: Mothers didn’t help the girls, reckless idiots got in their way
VIDEO: Mothers didn’t help the girls, reckless idiots got in their way

Please, if we’re going to Mother’s Day, it’s not because we don’t want to wait for red. The reason is that the city we’re going to is about as, people on Facebook appealed to the video.

They added that if you have a sharp entrance, there is always a runway. We went here to report a possible trespass to a residential building, according to the city police.

In the video, you can see how eight vehicles refused to give way to the police car on the turnpike on Belnec. She was driving on the right from the side road, she was just turning green at the traffic light.

Rescuers also have similar experiences with day-to-day priority. The other day, an ambulance accident in Petice in Plzeň injured people, including rescue workers and police officers.

The ambulance, with its lights on, took the patient to Pilsen, accompanied by the police. However, a car driven by a 18-year-old senior citizen suddenly drove into his path.

This accident is not unique in recent times. Colleagues from, for example, the Karlovy Vary region or the South Moravian region were similarly affected. The biggest risk is especially in the increasingly dense urban traffic. Lots of cars, pedestrians, cyclists and scooter riders are often interspersed among them. Many times, people will register the sirens of the ambulances, but it is not clear from which direction they are coming. Deciding how to properly clear the road can take an inexperienced person a lot of time, according to the rescue service Mria Svobodov.

According to them, it is important that they do not confuse the drivers too much and thus do not endanger other members of the road traffic with a risky maneuver.

The correct procedure is given by the character of the city where the vehicle with the first priority in the drive has reached you. If you are driving on a road with one lane in one direction, turn as far to the right as possible and reduce your speed, do not brake suddenly. On the contrary, before the arrest on the second road, continue driving and stop and in a clear city, advises Vtzslav Sladk from Zdravotnick zchran sluby Plzeškho Region.

On highways and roads with more than one lane, the classic safety lane is formed, where vehicles driving in the right lane move as far to the right as possible, and drivers in the left lane move as far to the left as possible. Always try to stop at a curve, even when the light is green in your direction. The last sentence is clear: If you don’t have time to react adequately, stay calm and the driver of the IZS vehicle will take care of the situation, added Sladk.

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