PHOTO: Cadre Czech Republic? Misery, but still doing well. Union grinds the bottom of the table


Only six matches took place in the 11th round of the district football championship in Děčín. Bad terrain prevented the Šluknov B – Benešov nad Ploučnicí duel from taking place.

Verneřice lost to Krásná Lípa 1:6 at home.

| Photo: DENÍK/Saša Vanžura

Leader Jiříkov took two points after winning on penalties against newcomers FC United Roma in Děčín. This was used by his pursuers, for example the fourth Horní Podluží, which won in Dolní Habartice 3:2.

“It was a fairly even match. We didn’t convert chances from the beginning, the home team played very well. After changing sides, we took the lead and kept it. So far, there is great satisfaction with the position in the table. When I take what composition we play in. Every match is a different lineup, I haven’t experienced such misery in a long time. I wonder where they all went. That interest in football is declining. The truth is that we have five and a half injured guys on the set. But otherwise it’s not good. Once upon a time, guys were happy to run away from their families. Now it’s the other way around,” Marek Vavrinec, coach of Horní Podluží, smiled bitterly.

Last remains Union Děčín, who brought a point from Mikulášovice for a 1:1 draw and a lost penalty shootout. “We have a big team, six people from the base are missing. During the whole autumn, we were not complete even once. We play it with young players who make mistakes. But that’s logical,” admitted Pavel Horáček, coach of the soccer team from Bynov.

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The goals of the Union are clear, saving the district championship. “I would be lying to myself if I said otherwise. By the end of autumn, we want to collect as many points as possible, even if we have Březiny and then the first Jiříkov. Luckily we have a teenager. The situation is not nice at all, I am very sorry. But nothing can be done. We have to bounce back from the bottom and keep working,” he continued.

Horáček is missing Humlíček or Bedrníček in the squad. Experienced fighters went to Lokomotiva Děčín to play the lowest district competition. “I was in agreement with both of them. Both of them had done a lot for Bynov, there was no point in hindering them. Guys don’t want to train as much anymore. But what are we going to talk about, maybe Humlíček would be a good fit for us now,” he added in conclusion.


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