A rescue station for lynx kittens has sprung up near the border


Milan Kilian

Reporter of the Pilsen region

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The first rescue station for lynxes in Bavaria was built in the Bavarian Forest National Park, just a few kilometers from the Czech border.

Lynx mother with kittens.

| Photo: Harald Grundwald/Bavarian Forest National Park

The facility in Neuschönau, intended for injured and orphaned wild animals, is already ready, but is currently empty. The newspaper informed about it Passauer Neue Presse. As Jan Dvořák, spokesman for the Šumava National Park, confirmed to Denik earlier, the station could also be used for the treatment of injured animals from the Czech side of Šumava, including injured or abandoned kittens.

The reason for building the station in Neuschönau was the fact that orphaned lynx found, whose mother had been run over by a car, for example, had to be transported from the Bavarian Forest to the rescue center in Lower Saxony, which is far away.

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New station in NP Bavarian Forest, funded by the Ministry of the Environment, has two large animal boxes and an outdoor run. Since the lynxes are to be released back into the wild later, it is important that they have as little contact with humans as possible, which conservationists say will be fulfilled here. According to Marco Heurich of the national park, the animals from the rescue station could be released in such places as to connect the hitherto isolated lynx populations, which is also important from the point of view of genetics.


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