Ukrainians kidnap children, a man from Rokycan lied on the internet. He is now being investigated by the police


The police in Rokycany are investigating two men because of false information about the abduction of a child by Ukrainians. He suspects one of inciting hatred towards a group of people and limiting their rights and freedoms, and the other of spreading alarmist news.

Police of the Czech Republic – illustrative photo.

| Photo: Deník/Jaroslav Sýbek

“Citizens of the Czech Republic, take care of your small children, Ukrainians are kidnapping children, one of the latest cases happened in Rokycany,” was posted on social networks in July. The police immediately denied the report with the fact that such an event did not occur. “We also pay due attention to social media posts. networks that were published in this connection,” she pointed out at the time. Now she has reported the suspicion of a criminal offense to one man who was supposed to publish the message on the network, to another for the hateful comment he attached to her.

“In these days, Rokycan police officers have informed a thirty-two-year-old man of suspicion of committing the offense of spreading an alarmist message and inciting hatred towards a group of persons or restricting their rights and freedoms, and a thirty-six-year-old man of suspicion of committing the offense of inciting hatred towards a group of persons and restricting their rights and freedoms. “said police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová.

“They should have committed an illegal act when the younger of the men placed and published under his profile on the social network, based on his assumptions, unverified and unsubstantiated information, a post directed against foreigners living here. According to his statement, foreigners should have tried to kidnap a child in Rokycany. The elderly male suspect responded to this post on his profile with his comment inciting violence against these foreigners,” she added in the press release.

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At the time, more similar messages were circulating on the Internet, apparently in response to the tension caused by several incidents between Roma and Ukrainians. In the west of Bohemia, criminal investigators also dealt with a similar case in Sokolov, where a false report informed Fr the stabbing of an eleven-year-old boy two Ukrainians. There, the police found its author within a few hours.


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