We have already written about the senselessness of these messages, but now we can also inform about the punishment for the writers


Already in July, we reported on a wave of posts on social networks, in which mainly Roma writers warned of attacks or even attempts to abduct children by Ukrainians. Of course the police investigated all these cases and each time they turned out to be completely fabricated and false stories.
The police therefore began to look into the posts themselves, and one of the cases from Rokycansko has now ended with the notification of suspicion to two men.

The contributions of both men accused Ukrainians of several child abductions or attempted abductions and specifically stated that one such attempt should have taken place in Rokycany in front of a convenience store.

The police also investigated this case and found that nothing similar had happened, so they began to look into whether the writers had committed a crime by publishing these criminal charges.

“Criminal officers recently informed a thirty-two-year-old man of suspicion of committing the offense of spreading an alarmist message and inciting hatred towards a group of persons or restricting their rights and freedoms, and a thirty-six-year-old man of suspicion of committing the offense of inciting hatred towards a group of persons and restricting their rights and freedoms,” the police spokeswoman said today and continued: “They should have committed an illegal act when the younger of the men placed and published under his profile on the social network, based on his assumptions, unverified and unsubstantiated information, a post directed against foreigners living here. According to his statement, the foreigners should have tried to kidnap a child in Rokycany. The older suspect the man responded to this post on his profile with his comment inciting violence against these foreigners.”

We reported on this case in an article back in July:

“The Ukrainians want to kidnap or kill our children!” write the Roma on the Internet

In the last month, dozens of different posts began to spread on social networks across our country, in which mainly Roma writers warn of attacks or even attempts to kidnap children by Ukrainians.
Of course, these posts are dealt with by the police who check the information. In all cases, it has so far turned out that the described events did not happen at all, the writers made everything up and thus could commit, among other things, spreading alarmist news.

A thirty-six-year-old woman from Přerovsk, who shared the following post on social networks, has already been accused of spreading the alarmist message:


A similar case, when the author of the post invented the stabbing of an eleven-year-old boy, happened for example in Sokolov, which we already reported in the article The information about the stabbed eleven-year-old boy is false. Even in this case, unfortunately, the information spread very quickly and quite understandably caused great concern and anger among readers.
Perhaps we don’t even need to add that, of course, nothing similar happened in this case either, and the police did not or did not spare any such incident.


Currently, the police are also dealing with the case of the spread of a similar post in Rokycany, in which the writer accuses Ukrainians of several child abductions or attempts to abduct them and specifically states that one such attempt should have taken place in Rokycany in front of a convenience store.


“We can confirm that we dealt with the report of the alleged abduction of Roma children by Ukrainian citizens in Rokycany. We assure the public that no such incident took place. We also pay due attention to the posts on social networks that were published in this context,” police officers told us about this latest news, noting that legal qualifications have not yet been determined in this latest case.


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