Toothless Zubak. Historically, I don’t carry trains on the track that was once saved by trougal

Toothless Zubak. Historically, I don’t carry trains on the track that was once saved by trougal
Toothless Zubak. Historically, I don’t carry trains on the track that was once saved by trougal

The tracks themselves are in the undercarriage, but the gear dog that is in the middle of them is a pain. And if you drive Zubak, you will reach the leather shop of the railway clamp, said Jan Nevola, speaking of the beginnings of railways (S). It approves the operation of cogwheel locomotives as an exception. But she did not grant a new one on November 8.

According to Nela Eberl Friebov from the general editorial office of S, the condition of the railway worsened this year, when the results of the track condition were compared with the low results. We found a deterioration in the condition of the railway clamp in the track gauge parameter, especially in curves with small radii. Taking into account the state of the fixing of the iron clamp, it is very difficult to make the right gauge to the allowable limit, said Eberl Friebov.

Zubak, which is referred to as the jewel of the Czech railways, is used to transmit the sound of the locomotive’s toothed wheel, engaging the toothed rack fixed in the axis of the track. Otherwise, the train would not run up the steep incline. The train has a distance of 235.1 m over 6.7 kilometers. At the end of this well-known track, the slope of the track reaches a value of 58 per mile. Zubaka was commissioned in 1902, but the only significant reconstruction took place in 1958-1962. Since then, no investment has been made in n.

The railway company Tanvald, which operates the historic train on Zubac, is definitely surprised. It fell like a bolt from the blue. The reconstruction of the track has been talked about for less than ten years. If the gossip was a rabbit warren, then there would be no problem. But the gossip has gradually changed, and it’s practically not a day, commented Petr Proke, editor of the Tanvald company.

Undrinkable, Governor

Liberec Governor Martin Pta (SLK) intervened in the problem, insisting on the re-granting of exemptions for the operation of gear locomotives. It is a huge tourist attraction, where people from all over the world come to admire geniuses. Similar to Zubaka is, for example, in Austria and Hungary. The region also supports Zubak financially, this year it gave 6.5 million crowns.

I consider the procedure of the Railway Department to be unacceptable. At first, no one discussed the suspension of traffic with them, as the customer of the transport there. Now I intend to meet with the editor-in-chief of Sprva eležnic Jim Svoboda as soon as possible and I will ask for an explanation. This year, we signed a contract with the operator of Zubaky for operation until 2028. The deterioration of driving on this line is unacceptable for us and threatens the long-term plan and concept of preserving nostalgic trains, reviving history and supporting tourism, commented the governor.

According to S, however, it is not easy to restore traffic on Zubac. For us, safety is always a priority. We are under pressure from the transport orderer and the carrier, but we cannot allow people to drive at home on infrastructure that is not in good condition, it simply cannot be done, Jan Nevola rejected the pressure of the governor’s office.

According to him, this is not the definitive end of Zubaka. Traffic should be moving on it in a few years, and the railway will undergo reconstruction. It is full for the year 2025. The project documentation for track repair is being processed. We received a building permit this year and we are currently taking all the necessary steps for another public contract to select a construction contractor, added the speaker.

Zubak was closed at the end of 1997, when it was closed due to unprofitability. After a year, however, the trains on the Koenov railway were moving again.

A little-known fact is that Zubaka was a thorn in the side of the regime for its cargo operations. The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Lubomr trougal, once helped to preserve it, or rather, he confused with the Koen priority of the station, who intervened to save the line. The fact that Trougal did not want to spread it among the locals also played a role, for he had a cottage near Jizera, where he subsequently led a brutal life.

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