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The Czech women’s ice hockey players followed up on Wednesday’s 4:2 triumph over Finland, this time they beat Denmark 5:0 and are close to the overall first place at the preparatory tournament in Landshut, Germany.

The Danes can be very unpleasant, let’s remember, for example, the Czech defeat from the basic group at the last Olympic Games. This time, however, the Czech Republic dictated the pace of the game, they started to win in the first five minutes – after goals

Tereza Vanišová

attacker, 27 years old

” href=”″>Tereza Vanišová and


Tereza Plosová

attacker, 17 years old

” href=”″>Tereza Plosová led 2:0.

In the rest of the game, the Czechs gradually increased their lead, and the experienced attacker made a breakthrough twice


Katerina Mrázová

attacker, 31 years old

” href=”″>Kateřina Mrázová. Meanwhile


Victoria Švejdová

goalkeeper, 21 years old

” href=”″>Viktorie Švejdová continued her good performance and managed to defend a clean sheet, while she had to eliminate one penalty shot. Thus Denmark in three matches at the Tournament of Four never scored in Germany.

While the Danes will surely finish last, the Czechs will have a direct fight for the final first place with host Germany on Saturday.

CZECH REPUBLIC – DENMARK 5:0 (2:0, 1:0, 2:0)

Goals: 4. Vanišová, 5. Plosová, 36. Mrázová, 44. Neubauerová, 51. Mrázová.
Exclusion: 2:5.
No use.
Best female players:
Noemi Neubauerová – Klara Holmová.
Czechia: Švejdová – Tejralová, Čajanová, Kosinová, Seroiszková, Pejšová, Lásková, Jůzková – Neubauerová, Mrázová, Šapovalivová – Křížová, Pejzlová, Vanišová – Plosová, Přibylová, Pištěková – Juříčková, Pátková, Kalová. Trainer: MacLeod.
Denmark: Thomsen – Holm, Asperup, Rasmussen, Andersen, Russell, Sondergaard, Morch – Friis-Hansen, Jensen, Sörensen – Glud, Peters, Kielstrup – Oksbjerg, Stauning, J. Jensen – Perry, Henriksen, Knudsen. Coach: Edlund.

Table of the Tournament of Four in Germany

Team OF IN IN P PP P Score Points
1. Czechia 2 2 0 0 0 9:2 6
2. Finland 2 1 0 0 1 10:4 3
3. Germany 1 1 0 0 0 1:0 3
4. Denmark 3 0 0 0 3 0:14 0

Another program of the Tournament of Four in Germany

Friday November 10:
19:00 Germany – Finland

Saturday 11 November:
14:30 Germany – Czech Republic (CT sport Plus)

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