GLOSA: Pilsen footballers are not the first, this does not diminish their famous run in any way


Although the European Conference League is the third behind in order of importance or quality of participants, it is still the best place to start. Plzeňská Viktorka defeated the unpleasant Dinamo Zagreb 1:0 at home in the 4th round, and thanks to their fourth win, each time by a single goal, they will surely finish at the top of the table.

What does it mean? First of all, a pleasant financial bonus of almost 15 million crowns. Second, advancement to the round of 16, i.e. avoiding the opening round of the spring knockout stage (equals two to three weeks longer opportunity to play after the winter break). On top of that, plus two points to the coefficient and, last but not least, great prestige.

Coach Miroslav Koubek shows that he is a great pragmatist. His wards do not organize any goal races, you would be hard pressed to find a real star in the squad, goalkeeper Staněk or injured striker Durosinmi may be growing in it. Football is played for goals, no one cares about the game. I say it all the time and I stand by it. The fan of every club, the Czech doubly so, wants results first and foremost. The game is only a prerequisite for them.

From coach to chairman. The football club in Velké Meziříčí will be led by Šimáček

In this context, I will just correct a mistake that many commentators and experts claimed after Thursday’s win. Plzeň is not the first Czech club to secure promotion from the group stage already two rounds before its end. In the 2001/2002 season, under the leadership of Jaroslav Hřebík, the players of Sparta Prague managed to do the same, even in the Champions League!

After the fourth round, Letenský then had 10 points on their account (a draw with Bayern Munich, a win over Spartak Moscow and two over Feyenoord Rotterdam), the second Bayern eight, the Dutch Feyenoord two and Spartak only one. In the next two rounds, they only added a point and advanced to the next stage from second place.

Let’s move on to the Europa League. I am pleased that Slavia Prague confirmed my expectations and literally ran over AS Rome at home. In the remaining two rounds, the seamers should fight for victory in the group, which guarantees a better seeding for the round of 16 of the second best European club competition, on top of that again bonus points for the coefficient. With the same point gain and equality of mutual matches, Slavia now has a better score by three goals compared to the Romans.

Žďár’s footballers confirmed their tremendous style, on the other hand, Slovan unexpectedly failed at home

Sparta got into a real mess. Even in the fourth game in the Europa League, it was confirmed how every mistake is punished on this stage, those calling to heaven all the more. In my opinion, the Scottish Rangers or the Spanish Betis currently do not have a better team than the Reds, but it does not happen to them that in every match they give their opponents goals as if on a golden platter with trivial stupidity.

Don’t you believe? So nice and tidy. Two goals from Aris = two total flights by Krejčí. At Betis, the first goal was an incomprehensible kick by goalkeeper Vindahl, the second was a failure of the entire defense. Last time in Scotland, first the stupidity of Gomez, whose spoiled pass and the subsequent chaos in Sparta’s defense were behind the second goal. An incredible record for three matches.

The sheep of the Danish coach Priske are really only playing to slip from third place into the spring Conference League. Will they succeed?

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