Bow settled in the Czech Republic, he is raising his daughter in Kladno. Which trips does he recommend?


Now the whole family is together and raising a seven-month-old daughter in a foreign country. “From Canada, we were used to certain foods that we gave to little ones, but they are not available here. We had to look for what we needed, translate the ingredients of each dish. When we arrived here, we needed baby formula, but we didn’t know which one was the most similar to ours. I took pictures of them in the store and sent them to my wife to compare. Finally we found one and the little one got used to it. That’s the main thing,” Bow describes.

According to him, it is while shopping in stores that he realizes that he is no longer in North America, but in the heart of Europe. “It’s different here with food shopping because a lot of things are seasonal here. Sometimes, for example, I say to myself that I would like asparagus, which can be bought here all year round, but here it is only available in the spring. It’s the same with other types of vegetables,” thinks the Canadian nice guy.

The biggest problem for the native of the suburbs of Edmonton is still the language barrier. “I know some words, I can ask some things, but I have a problem when people start asking me back,” Bow says with a laugh.

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“My Czech may have improved a little over the years. I try to listen to the guys in the cabin and I got something from that. Mostly, however, it is about hockey dates. Then I can order at a restaurant and ask a few basic questions. When I talk to someone, it’s almost as if a small Czech child is talking to them,” he adds with a smile.

Excursions to Krumlov, Vary and nature

Just in restaurants, Bow already knows what to reach for. “I love sirloin. Now, a traditional goose is being prepared for St. Martin’s Day, so we choose a restaurant where we could make a reservation. Last year we were in Karlovy Vary, where we had goose and we really liked it. Now we want to try what they have in Kladno,” says the Canadian goalkeeper, who, in addition to tasting food, also likes to travel around the country.

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“A few days ago we were in Český Krumlov, which is beautiful. When you go to Prague, there are extremely many people there. The same in Karlovy Vary. But there was no one in Krumlov. Now is probably the perfect time to go there,” he praises himself.

“We try to get to know as many places as possible here. Last year we were in Karlovy Vary, where it is also very nice for walks. We were also in Hradec. But we prefer more adventurous trips, so we go for nature walks on the rocks. We recently went to the Tiske walls, for example,” describes Bow, who settled directly in Kladno, about his experiences.

“Kladno is a quiet town, which suits me. If you want to go somewhere busier, you can be in Prague in half an hour. You can relax here, it’s nice around the square and we already have our favorite cafes. Everything we need is here,” he says.

Czechs? Good guys

And that he would perhaps face a lot of attention as a goalkeeper of a local extra-league team when he goes out among people? “Recently we were in a cafe, we were sitting in the garden, and the children who were playing in the park nearby came up to us because they recognized me. That was great. My wife and daughter were there with me, so they must have thought I was some kind of celebrity. But it doesn’t happen to me much. At least people don’t stop me if they recognize me. That only happens once in a while,” explains Bow.

One of the things he appreciates in the Czech Republic is the good accessibility of various places by walking or public transport, something he is not used to from North America.

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“Everything is far away in America, and if you don’t have a car, it’s hard to do anything. I really like how you can get everywhere by train here. In our country, train transport sometimes does not work at all. After this conversation, for example, I will go to Prague by train to meet a woman who is there for yoga, and we will go for a walk. The train is more pleasant for me, I can just sit and enjoy the scenery,” says Bow.

It is the capital city that is the most popular destination among his friends and relatives who have visited him in the Czech Republic over the years. “But there are too many people there for me. I’m not up to it. But we also have a few favorite places that are not so touristy. One of the best things we experienced here in the Czech Republic was dinner on board the ship. It’s great when you can see the whole city lit up from the river. I would recommend that to everyone,” says goalkeeper Kladna, who in his last start did not prevent the defeat with Pardubice.

And what do he think Czechs are like compared to Canadians? “I would say that the Czechs are very relaxed. They are mostly cheerful, calm and don’t tolerate much stress. That suits me,” Bow concludes.

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