The Town Hall of Prague 8 discussed with citizens how to improve transport | PRAGUE 8 | News

The Town Hall of Prague 8 discussed with citizens how to improve transport | PRAGUE 8 | News
The Town Hall of Prague 8 discussed with citizens how to improve transport | PRAGUE 8 | News

Prague 8 City Hall has started collecting suggestions that could improve traffic there. Based on the first participative meeting, a traffic urban planning study will be developed.

“The point is that we are in the part of Libna, which has been neglected by the capital for a long time, and this mainly concerns the technical condition of the roads, the technical condition of the sidewalks,” said Martin Jedlička (Together for Prague 8) – representative of the Prague 8 municipal council.

“This is an area where the railway line borders us in the south, if we were to look from the east and the north, then it is Zenklova street, and to the west it is the Pod Korábem park, respectively Primátorská and Konšelská streets, which are located around it, ” said Martin Veselý – coordinator of public involvement.

Lack of parking places, which leads to illegal parking for example at intersections or lack of crossings, which reduces pedestrian safety. These were also topics that Miroslav Němčík, who has lived in Primátorská Street for over 13 years, came to address.

“The biggest problem here is the traffic in Primátorská Street, because many people shorten their journeys, instead of going along Vosmíkových Street, they take Primátorská Street, because it’s shorter and unfortunately they annoy the local residents there and it’s so unpleasant for us. Then there’s another the problem is that half of the street is made of cobblestones, the other half is made of asphalt, and when vehicles cross from cobblestones to asphalt, there is noise. This means that suddenly the noise disappears and it is very annoying for the people who live there. Another thing is a classic, parking,” said Miroslav Němčík – a citizen of Prague 8.

“The most fundamental things that we perceive as a part of the city are, of course, the high traffic load in this area, this is due to the fact that there is basically still a lack of a completed urban ring road here,” said Tomáš Slabihoudek (TOP 09 + STAN) – councilor of Prague 8 Municipal Council.

For example, approximately 30,000 cars pass through Zenklova street every day, precisely because the Libeňská spojka is not finished, so convoys are on the daily schedule.

“The study should be completed by the region next year 2024, and the recommendations that will be there depend on whether they will be building modifications or some faster interventions, so we would like to immediately start dealing with the capital, because after all, those communication is under the administration of the capital city of Prague, and the city district makes recommendations and requests that they be implemented,” said Tomáš Slabihoudek (TOP 09 + STAN) – councilor of the Municipal Council of Prague 8.

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