The fake bankers and the women’s internet romances together cost over three million crowns


Another four women ran into fraudsters, the police repeatedly warn against these fraudsters!

We repeatedly inform about cases when people come across fraudsters impersonating bank employees or even police officers and send them all their savings, or send large sums of money to their “internet sweethearts”.
Pilsen police officers are now investigating four such cases of defrauded women.

The first two cases fall into the category of fake bankers

“According to the facts established so far, the first of the defrauded women was contacted by an as yet unknown man, who told her on the phone that he was an employee of the security department of a banking company and asked her which bank she had an account with. The thirty-one-year-old woman gave him this information. The next day she another employee of the security department called, this time from the banking company with which the victim has an account. He told her that her account had been attacked by hackers and convinced her to send an amount of 89,000 crowns to the account he dictated to the woman.” the police spokesperson described the first case and continued with the second, essentially identical one: “A similar phone call was received by the second of the injured women, this time a 64-year-old woman. She also contacted a bank employee saying that someone had hacked her account. The injured woman gradually sent a total amount of 36,000 crowns from her account to an unknown account.”

And twice “love” at a distance

The other two cases are also already classic, when the fraudster meets the victim on the Internet, arouses romantic feelings in her, and then urgently needs financial help.
“The third victim, a 58-year-old woman, lost 65,000 crowns when she sent money to a “mechanical engineer” who claimed to work on a tanker ship and asked the victim to send money to cover the expenses of a company that withheld documents from his family home in Canada. documents from the vehicle and $750,000 in cash,” the police spokeswoman said about the third case.

Similarly, according to the police spokesperson, there was also a fourth case in which a woman lost more than three million crowns: “The last of the injured women was contacted via one of the social networks by an as yet unknown offender who posed as a ship engineer. In a mutual written communication, he told the forty-eight-year-old woman that he was planning to move to the Czech Republic and that he would send her a package with his personal belongings, which he keep it with her until he comes to see her. The victim agreed to everything. The next day, she received a message on her mobile phone from the shipping company, which asked her to send several payments connected with the delivery of the package. The woman gradually sent almost one million seven hundred to various unknown accounts thousand crowns. Subsequently, she also handed over a sum totaling one million two hundred thousand crowns to an as yet unidentified person. In total, she thus lost less than three million crowns.”

In all cases, the police have initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of fraud and are searching for the perpetrators.

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21/09/2023, 18:14, update 21/09/2023, 18:19

Hundreds of women have lost all their savings and others are working on it, let’s see why this is happening

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