We helped Ukraine and escaped to liquidation, valued expert donated weapons

We helped Ukraine and escaped to liquidation, valued expert donated weapons
We helped Ukraine and escaped to liquidation, valued expert donated weapons

The Ministry of Defense declassified the list of equipment and ammunition donated to Ukraine. There are also Mi-24 helicopters. When will you add to the list, won’t the army lack technology?
From the list of military equipment donated to Ukraine, it follows that as far as military equipment is concerned, the Mi 24/35 combat helicopters are the latest. Their deployability in the current combat by the air forces is absolutely zero.

For zero? Don’t you get shackled to modern battles?
Our allies in NATO have incomparably better technology. So we didn’t buy the assembly and the anti-tank female steel for our machines. Moreover, we are now replacing them with Bell helicopters. Their donation does not mean a day of destruction for us.

Ukrainian to fight spotebovv prints large-grain ammunition every day. Is there enough ammunition, we won’t be short of it either?
As far as the material is concerned, the latest are the cannon and howitzer charges from 2002, the rest is old. Simply put, we saved their donation to Ukraine from the costs that we would have to spend on their ecological disposal.

Milan Mikuleck

He worked in high managerial positions in business, as well as in the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to office positions, he also has personal experience from countries such as Mali, Yemen or Ireland.

There, during the war with the Islamic State, the Aero L-159 aircraft was used as a weapon.

Mikuleck is an active pilot.

So didn’t the weakening of the country’s defenses lead to the need for ammunition and equipment?
At present, it can be said that the list of donated military equipment confirms that it has not been weakened in terms of defense.

On the contrary, we sent abilities to a land that was attacked by an aggressive neighbor. Thanks to his struggle, we got time to modernize what we can and prepare our armed forces in the event that Russia defeats Ukraine and its aggression continues against them.

So it can be said that with regard to donations and compensation, including the change in future ecological disposal, it was a good deal…
If I leave aside the morel and our interests, it is certainly a suitable business for us, because a large part of the donated material will be replaced by our allies the USA and Germany, and the EU will give us a hundred reimbursements under the EPF program.

And what about the domestic industry, how does it profit from the wolf to Ukraine?
A separate chapter is the enormous profits that our armed forces and, with them, our economy as a whole have made in the course of commercial supplies of armaments to Ukraine. Tens of billions of crowns will be reflected in tax collection and in the state coffers. So be absolutely sure, don’t lose it, on the contrary, it won’t.

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