Parents can receive a fee for accompanying the birth. But you have to stand up

Parents can receive a fee for accompanying the birth. But you have to stand up
Parents can receive a fee for accompanying the birth. But you have to stand up

The woman wrote down the fate and it wasn’t long before the hospital sent her a phone call. I thought it was absurd that someone wanted parents and pay for an escort. She didn’t have a pension with her and her partner arrived a little later, she was a woman.

She pointed out that in the package there was a unicorn pig worth 100 kroner for the father and unicorn dogs for monitoring long contractions and heart activity of the fetus. The escort has nothing to do with it. It is the duty of the hospital to provide the necessary care for the parent, Mr. Beneov.

When she gave birth in the same maternity hospital in 2020, she was unaccompanied and paid nothing, not even dogs.

Fees from accompaniment to childbirth gradually increased to be collected by hundreds of hospitals due to criticism from mothers, but also the verdict of the Constitutional Court from 2016. It clearly said that attendance at childbirth cannot be conditioned by days of fees. And in more detail he set the rules for which it is possible to ask for letters. He changed the bag, saying that it must be about legal high-standard services, not disposable hygiene products.

Lucie Beneov also referred to the court’s argument in her testimony. And she fell asleep. it was the first of its kind. He evaluated it as an element and recognized it as valid. Based on his recommendations, we zeroed out the invoice for the patient and completely canceled the fee for the package for the escort from November 1, to the approval of the editor for the economy and operation of the hospital, Roman Uhlk. There is information about the travel fee on the maternity hospital’s website, but it should disappear soon.

Even in Rakovnka, they canceled the fee

Similarly, she fell asleep next to the door with her happiness of a parent who wanted to return a thousand crowns to the Masaryk hospital in Rakovenko. She received the entire amount that she had to pay for the species at the beginning of the year and gave the person a descendant as an escort on the birthing day. You don’t have a pension at the hospital, if you have already mentioned it on the website.

We canceled the fee at the end of January, to Eva Milerov, spokeswoman of the Primaved group, until the cancer hospital. If there is old information on the maternity hospital’s website, it is our fault. Let’s fix it quickly, he assures.

On Monday, the MF informed DNES about the situation at the Motol Faculty Hospital, which is the ombudsman. The hospital collected 688 crowns from accompanying mothers. Deputy Minister of Health Josef Pavlovic (Pirti) said that this hospital also wants to cancel the fees. However, its editor Miloslav Ludvk claimed in MF DNES on Thursday that he did not know when or if at all. He added that he must first consult with the ministry and then have it approved.

It is with the ministry. We are against fees. I don’t know how long the process takes in the hospital, but it will probably be done within a year, Mr. Pavlovic.

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