Traffic accident in Klatovsk, a helicopter flew for the injured woman – PHOTO


10/11/2023 16:34
10/11/2023 20:10

A serious traffic accident occurred on Friday afternoon in Klatovsk. A total of three people were injured, of which one woman is seriously injured.

The passenger vehicle ended up in a ditch near the village of Běšiny.

“The air ambulance transports a woman born in 2000 with a moderate injury to the Emergency Department of the Pilsen University Hospital. We transport a woman born in 2004 and a man born in 1974 to the Klatovská Hospital, both with minor injuries.” Andrea Divišová, spokeswoman for the rescue service, stated the extent of the injuries.

The police spokeswoman described how the accident happened. “The driver (year 1974) of a Škoda Kodiak vehicle was driving from the village of Železná Ruda in the direction of Klatovy, when he apparently did not adjust his speed on the wet road and skidded before a right-hand bend. He subsequently drove off the road, when he hit a vertical traffic sign, then entered into the ditch,” said Michaela Raindlová.

In the traffic accident, the driver, his female passenger who was sitting in the front seat, and the female passenger who was sitting in the back seat were injured. alcohol was ruled out by a breathalyzer at the scene.

The cause of the traffic accident is under investigation.

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