Czech Post is looking for people. She recently fired them


The state-owned enterprise saves where it can. This year, he closed three hundred branches, laid off hundreds of people, and is selling the buildings of the closed branches.

In addition, he is also looking for new reinforcements. At the central branch in Jindřišská Street in Prague, there are leaflets on the tables informing about the vacant position of a worker behind the counter.

The Post is offering a recruitment allowance of 15,000 crowns, five weeks of vacation or a 100-crown meal voucher.

Photo: Jaroslav Gavenda, Seznam Zpravy

The Post Office is looking for workers behind the counter at its central branch.

Seznam The reports found out how many workers the post office is looking for behind the counter at the central branch.

“The need for recruitment is due to illness and natural turnover, we are continuously filling vacancies. We are currently seeking applicants for the position of counter worker in the number of units,” said post office spokesman Ivo Vysoudil.

Parcel delivery person or counter worker

Česká pošta is not only looking for new employees in Prague, but all over the country. “Most often, these are the positions of operator in logistics, parcel delivery/courier, letter carrier and counter worker,” Vysoudil enumerates the positions that are most in demand.

As of November 10, the post office offers almost 600 vacancies in the careers section of its website, of which 124 vacancies are in Prague.

Among them is an ad for a full-time counter worker in Jindřišská.

“We start the morning with a meeting, where we share business tips for the day and open the counters. During the day, we provide delivery and delivery of shipments (letters, registered mail, packages). We sell postal and non-postal goods (stamps, boxes, postcards, retail sales). We redeem vouchers, issue pensions and offer the services of our business partners or the state administration,” the post office explains what a working day looks like.

According to the head of the company’s largest union, Jindřiška Budweiserová, there is no connection between the fact that the post office was laying off workers in the middle of the year and now hiring.

“The fact that the post office closed 300 branches was another decision in a series of savings that the post office has been making since 2018. It has made many organizational changes both in logistics and in the branch network. This was just another step that was very visible to the public,” explains the head of the trade union.

According to them, the situation is not such that the post office has retroactively evaluated that the layoffs were wrong and now wants to attract new employees again. “It’s like he’s constantly looking for people for vacant positions,” adds Budweiser.

The Post Office is again looking for a new boss

The Post Office is not only looking for rank-and-file employees. The Ministry of the Interior will also try to find a new director general again. No one was successful in the last competitive selection process, and the state-owned enterprise is led by authorized director Miroslav Štěpán.

“The transformation of Czech Post into a modern enterprise of the 21st century is one of the most fundamental steps taken by the state in recent times. That’s why the post office needs a full-fledged general manager selected in a transparent selection process,” says Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN).

The deadline for applications is December 22, and the expected start of the new CEO is between January and February next year.

The head of the Federation of Executive Employees of the Czech Post, Miroslav Prokop, has reservations about the personnel situation in the state-owned enterprise, as well as the Minister of the Interior.

“Since the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Rakušan, started messing with the post office, things are getting worse and worse. That person doesn’t understand at all, he just gives confused instructions. And above all, he does not consult with anyone,” Prokop criticizes the minister.

Česká pošta expects an operating loss of around 310 million crowns this year, which is roughly 630 million crowns lower in EBITDA than last year. Originally, the post office expected an operating loss of 1.5 billion crowns for this year, including the income from the sale of the main post office building in Jindřišská street, which will not be made this year. At the seminar on the transformation of the post office in the Chamber of Deputies, this was stated at the end of October by the Deputy Director General Miroslav Štěpán.

According to Štěpán, the company is taking measures to reduce the loss this year and next year and stabilize the economy. The measures include, among other things, the cancellation of 300 branches in the middle of this year, the dismissal of employees, the sale of real estate or the extension of delivery times. Štěpán estimated the total benefit from these measures this year and next at 4.3 billion crowns.

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