Gambling on the D35 highway in Pardubice: A senior woman drove ten kilometers in the opposite direction


Police spokeswoman Dita Holečková informed about the incident from Sunday last week on Friday. “The 81-year-old driver of a Volkswagen Golf was driving on the D35 highway and accidentally drove into the opposite direction. In the meantime, passing drivers called 158,” she described.

In the video footage released by the police, it can be seen how the woman stopped the vehicle before the end of the connection lane – which was already a very dangerous maneuver and the drivers behind her had to quickly apply the brakes – and then took it across the solid line and went straight to the left in the opposite direction.

The patrol caught up with the driver and got her safely off the highway, which was also possible thanks to minimal traffic.

A confused senior turned his car in the opposite direction in front of the tunnel in Brno, it was caught on camera

“The police officers safely turned the driver around and guided her in the right direction to the Dolní Roveň rest stop. There, the driver presented the necessary documents, including a valid medical examination, and her colleagues conducted a breathalyzer test for the presence of alcohol in her breath. The test was negative,” said Holečková.

The fact that the woman was driving in the opposite direction on the highway will be reported to the administrative authority by the police. “The driver faces a five to ten thousand crown fine and a driving ban for 6 to 12 months,” added the spokeswoman.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The senior woman drove ten kilometers in the opposite direction.

The alleged driving school student was speeding through Prague in the opposite direction at a speed of 180 km/h. Not even the shooting stopped her

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