Looks like something out of science fiction. Futuristic Peugeot can be seen in Prague

Looks like something out of science fiction. Futuristic Peugeot can be seen in Prague
Looks like something out of science fiction. Futuristic Peugeot can be seen in Prague

Ten months after its international and eight months after its European premiere, the Peugeot Inception Concept is presented in the Czech Republic. It is one of the main stars of the 5th edition of the e-Salon mobility fair to be held in Letany, Prague.


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Peugeot Inception should be an exemplary example of the most modern technologies, see the signs of future electric cars and the gateway to a new era. That is why an unusual city was chosen for the presentation of this car to the public. In January of this summer, it was unveiled at the world premiere at the world’s largest trade fair for new technologies and innovations, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. In March, the European premiere was held in Pai in the only exhibition hall of LEspace Commines. In April, Inception demonstrated the value of its bold and innovative design at the prestigious Milan Design Week, interviewing the characters of Radek Matthey.

At the sight of the square seats, our eyes twisted with the thought of pain and discomfort, but according to the designer, they are extremely comfortable, with cushions for the shape of the buttocks. You can change the feeling even in the angular shape of practically everything in the interior, but you have to remember that it is a concept, not a pre-production model.

Inception Concept has all-wheel drive and a combined electric motor of 500 kW, and according to the creator, it can go from 0 to 100 kilometers in less than a few seconds. Its 100kWh battery and all electrical equipment work with a voltage of 800 V. The consumption figure is 12.5 kWh per 100 kilometers, which gives a range of about 800 kilometers.

By two millimeters, one hundred five meters, which is 2100 mm, is five meters short (4970 mm) with the two gates open. The opening is 1340 mm. The concept weighs 2.8 tons and rides on 22-inch wheels.

The eight-volt architecture allows a charged speed of 150 km/5 min (that is, 30 km per minute). Inception Concept should allow induction charging.

The concept should indicate a new design style, characters and thus prepare modules using machine learning and artificial intelligence. They are STLA Brain, STLA Smart Cockpit and STLA Autodrive.

STLA Brain should be a de facto software platform that strives for maximum universal vehicle hardware and its intensive software connected to the car company’s cloud system, which can offer additional (and especially prepaid) new functions and features through over-the-air updates, without the need to access the vehicle’s hardware.

The STLA Smart Cockpit has to take care of the ride behind the wheel. Integrates user interface, free service and payment service. Peugeot is working on it with the Amazon company, which gives a little hint of how the passengers will be able to entertain themselves while driving.

And STLA Autodrive is, unsurprisingly, an autonomous women’s system on which Stellantis is collaborating with BMW. They currently have it in autonomous level 2 (actually developed adaptive cruise control), in the near future level 3 will be available (under certain conditions fully autonomous, the driver must be able to take over women at any time). And stage 4 is also in development (the vehicle is capable of full autonomy, which, however, is not available to the driver and the driver with a limited range of motion), work on it with the Waymo company.

With the introduced Hypersquare system, which will replace the steering wheel in the future, the Inception concept has the very essence of controlling the car and its function. Peugeot Inception is a notable pioneer of new technologies. The principles of this concept will be used in all future passenger cars from 2025 onwards, explains Matthey. The use of the technique therefore requires a woman on the ground, without a mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel, which the current homologated requirements for BN cars do not allow.

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