On weekend nights, I feel dizzy. The floor can also be used for a while

On weekend nights, I feel dizzy. The floor can also be used for a while
On weekend nights, I feel dizzy. The floor can also be used for a while

The eruption took place on Tuesday around 11 a.m. local time. At the moment, it is not entirely certain how the intensity of the geomagnetic storm will reach. According to the current predictions of the National Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it should arrive during the late evening hours, astronomer Petr Horlek from the Physical State in Opav told iDNES.cz.

He added that the visibility in the area is very uncertain due to the time and for now unclear intensity of the storm.

Last week the intensity of urit vt. If the geomagnetic buoy reaches the expected values, which need to be taken with a grain of salt for now, it will be visible just above the horizon, preferably photographically, explained Horlek.

To the observation pole, the clearest possible weather is necessary. The editors of iDNES.cz contacted Pavel Borovik, a meteorologist from the Czech hydrometeorological state, with a question about the state of cloud cover on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, it is likely that the clouds will break in the southwestern half of the country. In the north-eastern half of the country, we expect a cloudy and overcast night, on the other hand, in the south-western half there could be conditions for observation, said Borovika.

It is ideal to observe the polar life far from artificial light sources, as far as possible from city lights. A clear view of the northern horizon is necessary.

In Germany, ances for observation are high

According to the German daily Schsische.de, it could be seen over several hundred parts of Germany, including Saxony, on the weekend. Carolin Liefkeov from the Star Bird Association in Hesse’s Heppenheim said on Friday that it is not yet clear when and in which region this could happen.

In the worst case, the caries bag could appear even during the day, and so it would not be recognizable, said Liefkeov.

In Germany, the odds are particularly high in northern locations, astronomer Horlek told iDNES.cz.

This year, it was more visible than in Norway and in April, when it was visible in many places and was visible even from large cities, but the observation was then destroyed by clouds. The last time it was dark it was a week ago, even now the sky was clouded with smoke.

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