You no longer need a data box to apply online to replace your driver’s license

You no longer need a data box to apply online to replace your driver’s license
You no longer need a data box to apply online to replace your driver’s license

According to the Ministry of Transport, about 225,000 drivers will have to replace their expired driver’s licenses this year. Everyone should send the exchange request ideally online via the Transport Portal. They will thus avoid queues at the office, as well as an unnecessary visit to it. In addition, it is possible to reserve a date and time for picking up the finished card as part of the online application.

The online application itself does not take more than a few minutes, and drivers do not have to worry about making a mistake in filling it out. The application form is mostly pre-filled, including the latest photograph and signature. In order to log in to the Transport Portal, a data box was also needed in October. The Ministry of Transport abolished this obligation in November. However, you will still need either a bank identity, a citizen’s identity, an eGovernment mobile key, or an eCitizen.

“The applicant only has to choose the place where he wants to pick up the new card, or fill in the contact details for sending notifications, if he doesn’t already have them stored in the resident register. For the delivery of a new driver’s license, he can choose from any of the 206 municipal offices of municipalities with extended powers,” explained the Ministry of Transport. At the same time, the resort pointed out that from January of next year it will not be necessary to physically carry a driver’s license, but nothing will change about the obligation to have a license. Periodic exchanges of IDs will therefore take place as before.

“In addition to the application for a new driver’s license due to expiration, data change, theft or loss, interested parties can use the Transport Portal to arrange dozens of other services from all transport areas, starting with the vehicle register and ending with the extension of the ship’s certificate,” reminds Karel Váchal, representative of the digital representative of the Department of Transport. “We are currently working on completing other services, so citizens can look forward to, for example, receiving notifications about changing their points account or electronic requests for the vehicle agenda,” he adds.

Instructions for logging into the Transport Portal can be found here:

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Through the TRANSPORT PORTAL, it is possible to submit an application in a few minutes thanks to a few clicks.

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The list of municipal authorities of municipalities with extended powers is then directly on the website of the Department of Transport.

Officials will have working Saturdays

And precisely because of the large number of those who have to change their driver’s license this year, the Prague driver’s register is introducing two extraordinary working Saturdays. Officers will be available for license replacement applicants on Saturdays 11 November and 25 November between 8:00am and 1:00pm. “We cater to those interested in exchanging driver’s licenses, of which there is a really large number and there is no capacity to serve them during the current office hours. We have therefore offered two additional Saturdays when they can deal with the matter. However, we prefer to process the exchange online. I also thank all the employees who will go to work on Saturday beyond their working hours,” says Martin Kubelka, director of the City Hall. city ​​of Prague.

This year, the capital city of Prague issued a total of 81,364 permits as of September 30, of which only roughly 20 percent of applications were processed online. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Transport as of October 1, 36,539 driving licenses need to be exchanged in Prague alone. However, a third of drivers from this number are over 60 years old. Every year, a situation arises when it is necessary to replace a large number of driver’s licenses. Driving licenses are exchanged continuously throughout the year as they expire. So the situation that happened in the past, when driving licenses expired en masse at the end of the year, does not occur.

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