The new printing house and dining room in Rokycany will also be a community center

The new printing house and dining room in Rokycany will also be a community center
The new printing house and dining room in Rokycany will also be a community center

Last week, the city hosted the installation of all twenty designs in the vestibule of the Zkladn umleck koly in Jirskov street, their cars were represented in the architectural contest.

The draft comes from the Tom Dvok architects office. The construction is complete on the land between the warehouses of TG Masaryk and Mru Street with a total area of ​​6,600 square meters. The area will primarily be used for the operation of both bikes, where there is no sports ground for bikes.

For a long time in Rokycany, we have inadequate and insufficient space for animal husbandry. In this locality, the city has been printing since the nineties. However, outside the hours of the cycling schedule, the club will be open to the sporting public, to the falconry and to other clubs and clubs, said the mayor of the city, Tom Rada.

The demand for a two-phase sout was known

According to the mayor of Jiho Skora, the essence of the construction of the new kitchen and dining room is the cultivation of the related public space in the historic core of the city within the framework of the original Gothic urban structure, which is designated as a city monument.

The city announced the open two-phase race in the wild, and it was well known. In the first round, 20 anonymized proposals were evaluated, and the five best ones advanced to the final selection round. Soutc offered the town of Rokycany and many a spectrum of different views and a view of a complicated past. All five invited participants completed their project according to the jury’s recommendations. The architects Tom Dvok and Adam Repask from the Brno architectural firm Tom Dvok Architects are the authors of this proposal, said city architect tpn Kubek.

According to the jury, the proposal best responds to the deterioration of the historic center of the city. The designed buildings of the period urbanistically fit into the historical context, while preserving the street with its high value and reacting appropriately to the neighboring place. The proposal is conceptually divided into two volumes: the building of the clubhouse and clubhouse along U Sask brny street, and the mass of the dining room with a walled terrace in the area of ​​the daily courtyard of the TG Masaryk bicycle warehouse.

Project preparation will start this year

The jury appreciated the mastered layout and divided function into two separate and operationally separate units. The proposal includes a very old building, a good and satisfactory operation of a dining room with a kitchen. Tlocvina is divided into two independent sports facilities and a clubhouse with a walled terrace. A suitable addition is the hit on the street of the object of the hammer, an innovative element is the glass for the sound, following on that of the neighboring object in the street U Sask brny.

The joint 3rd place was occupied by two architectural teams, namely the team of architect Lenka Iov from Prague and MD architects from Pilsen. The jury agreed that these two proposals were of comparable quality and decided on the same, shared location, said the mayor of Rokycan Ji Skora.

According to him, the selected architectural team, which is behind the proposed design, should start working on the building renovation projects this summer. The cost of the investment is estimated at around 200 million crowns, and it is expected to be completed in 2026. The contents of the proposal can be seen not only in the building, but also on the website

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