Vietnamese were murdered in Dub, it could have been a botched robbery. The killer escaped for 15 years


It was a dry morning on November 21, 2008. Trnice on the outskirts of the city opposite Hotel Dubn was so deserted at that moment. There were only two Vietnamese who were hiding in the black Volkswagen Passat of one of them in the cold night. They looked for goods in the walls and the entrance.

At dawn, one of the pair got out and got into his car. At that moment, an unknown person appeared in the parking lot. He was robust, masked, had a hood on his head, said Martin Charvt, the head of the general crime department of the regional editorial office in the past.

He used a 7.65 mm weapon

The unknown perpetrator then ran to the car, in which the two Vietnamese were originally sitting. He aimed the gun at the head of the one who remained in the car and pulled the trigger. The twenty-year-old was dead instantly.

The perpetrator used a 7.65 mm weapon. He killed one injured man in a personal motor vehicle and injured the other outside, the police said.

Fifteen years ago: the dog fence of the thorn tree in Dub, where it fell to the vrad trhovce.

According to two pieces of information, the perpetrator confessed there. He knew where to escape undetected. At five, he broke through the walls of the ancient gate that separates the thorn from the forest, and disappeared among the trees.

The dog got into the forest by the stream, it is not excluded that he went through the stream, he stated in the past according to Charvt. The police immediately started chasing the perpetrator, they also deployed a service dog, but the murderer simply disappeared.

A known amount of cash remained in the car

A police dog led detectives to the trail of one of the suspects. They questioned the man from Most about the scent trail, but that was only circumstantial evidence, they didn’t have anything else on him, so they had to let him go, said one of the Dub policemen at the time.

It is not yet clear how much money the killer ended up taking. Neither the bedridden Vietnamese nor his countryman were able to tell how exactly the amount disappeared at the time. However, a known amount of cash remained in the car.

Five years after the murderer, criminologists found one vc. The Vietnamese were not only busy selling goods on the market, but also exchanging euros. When the perpetrator was tipped off, they found hundreds of unusual contacts in the killer’s cell phone.

A lot of names there were incompletely registered signs of cars from the customs of the republic, added Charvt in the past. The surveyor believed that at first this road served as a way for people who brought cars from Germany.

And because it happened that there were several employees at one bazaar, it was easy for the Vietnamese to orient themselves by the make of their cars, they used them for German cars, not by their names.

Poheovan woman

The police included the case of the deceased Marie Mdov in the calendar of unsolved crimes in November. According to the police, the woman has been missing since November 13, 2006. She was seventy years old when she disappeared.

She lived in Kamenice nad Lipou in the Pelhimov district. It was a quiet and dignified gentleman. Description of the person: height 155 and 160 cm, thin figure, straight black hair with a part in the middle, red eyes, police ID female.

Police memorabilia. MSc November. | photo: Police R

The police calendar should mention selected incidents, time, places and persons. We know that this will allow us to develop an imaginary dust by blooding the so far unknown and unknown, what has to come out from the inside, said police officer Jakub Vinlek.

At the same time, the speaker pointed out that in connection with the re-publicized unsolved case last year, the police received a lot of suggestions and information from the public.

We had her a lot. But specifically in those cases, information from the public led to newly opened public cases. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about which ones, because we would endanger the exhibition itself,” added the speaker.

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