The pension collection period is being extended. Last year, the pension lasted an average of 24 years

The pension collection period is being extended. Last year, the pension lasted an average of 24 years
The pension collection period is being extended. Last year, the pension lasted an average of 24 years

The Ministry of Labor is preparing a draft of reform changes to the sustainability of the pension system. According to the plan, the pension age could increase in the future, by about a month. Now it increases by two months every year for men and usually by three months for women. He will turn 65 in twenty years.

Divorce marriages are on the rise. In the fifth year, they should make up a third of all annual income. A total of 700 billion crowns can be paid out in pensions. Income from income tax does not cover payments, they have about 660 billion to begin with. The growth deficit may hinder the first increase in the retirement age.

According to two pieces of information about the upcoming changes, those who will be over 50 years old should now have the age limit adjusted every year. The current doit time for the given ronk would be taken into account. With that, a hunter would last about a quarter of his life on average. Ron’s pension age should thus increase by about a month, at most by two months. Minister of Labor Marian Jureka (KDU-SL) is going to submit a pension amendment soon. Criticize unions to death, industrial unions fulfill their duty.

By 2020, the average pension period was extended. It lasted 24.51 years then. Men received old-age pension for an average of 19.47 years, women 28.46 years. In the covid year 2021, due to the high number of deaths, statisticians recorded a decrease. On average, people were retired for 23.92 years – senior men 18.88 years and senior women 28.07 years.

Last year, the time started to lengthen again. For him, it reached roughly the same level as 2019, i.e. 19.33 years. For women, it lasted 28.58 years before covid. In total, she reached an average of 24.55 years. In 2003 it was 21.14 years.

women were retired for an average of 23.97 years then, now even men have raised the retirement age by roughly three years and seven months. At that time, the Mui insisted on a rest period of 17.64 years on average, a year passed by roughly 20 months on average.

At the turn of the millennium, the old-age pension was paid out on average for about 20 years – about 16 years and ten months for my mother and 22 years and nine months for my son. At the time of the Velvet Revolution, the pension lasted an average of 16 years, and in 1970 even only eleven years.

Pensions are unsustainable, said the ministry

In its latest report on the development of the system in 2019, the Ministry of Labor stated that life is getting longer, pensions are unsustainable in their current form, and people in their 10s and 20s should retire a little later than at 65. The government of Andrej Babia (ANO) at the time rejected the idea that the government should decide on it in 2024 and gave the cabinet.

According to two studies by Charles University’s Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis (IDEA), men and women retire mainly because they have reached the official retirement age.

While in western countries the number of working people is decreasing gradually, in the Czech Republic it is falling sharply with the pension age limit. According to him, drinking in R and the West is comparable among men with chronic diseases, the study showed. According to them, the author’s early retirement represents a loss for the company.

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