The strike has no support in schools in Karlovy Vary. It’s an event from Prague, they say

The strike has no support in schools in Karlovy Vary. It’s an event from Prague, they say
The strike has no support in schools in Karlovy Vary. It’s an event from Prague, they say

Most schools in the Karlovy Vary Region will apparently be open as usual on Monday, November 27, when the nationwide school strike is planned. This resulted from a survey by Deník. Parents of younger pupils will thus be relieved of their worries about who will take care of their children on this day.

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As the editors found out, the strike does not have much support in schools in the region, and if anyone does join it, it will be more likely to be lone individuals. Some directors commented on the protest as a media event controlled from Prague.

“For now, we are neutral in our stance on this strike. We’ll see after Tuesday, November 14, when we have a pedagogical council,” said the Elementary director schools Michaela Vonšovská in Bochov and continued: “I personally am not a supporter of this strike and believe that it is more of a media campaign by Prague. If we join the protest, it will only be in a demonstrative form, rather than closing down the whole school because of it.”

The nationwide strike is the result of the dissatisfaction of school employees, for whom the cuts in the government package are the last straw. It follows from them that the Ministry of Education wants to intervene in the sector of non-teaching workers, such as cooks, cleaners, janitors, but also administrative employees. Although the government coalition defends itself by saying that it does not want to touch their salaries, which are undervalued, the number of currently vacant jobs is to be reduced and the working hours are to be reduced. Schools fear that the changes will also have an impact on inclusive education and on halved teaching hours.

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“I don’t have any information yet that anyone here would join the strike. If so, it will be individual, it will not be a mass action. I personally don’t support it, because I have no reason to do so,” commented Markéta Šlechtová, director of the Secondary School of Ceramic and Glass Arts in Karlovy Vary, on the protest.

At the island gymnasium, they are waiting for a meeting of trade unionists. “We are waiting for now. I will respect the outcome of the negotiations,” commented director Jaroslav Šafránek. To Basic school Krušnohorská in Karlovy Vary also want to wait until the pedagogical council. “We don’t have unions. We want to discuss the strike at the council, which takes place on Tuesday, November 14,” explained Josef Šrámek, the director of the sports school.

And a similar situation exists, for example, at the Elementary School in Kyselka. “Of course we are discussing it, we have not decided yet. We want to have an opinion by Wednesday, November 15, when parent meetings are held,” concluded the director of the school in Kyselka, Olga Ševčíková.

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