A collision between two cars has limited traffic on the D7 highway. One of the drivers was drunk


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The collision of two passenger vehicles took place near Středokluk near Prague on the morning of Saturday, November 11, on the D7 highway. The road was closed in the direction of Chomutov, one of the drivers was driving drunk. Fortunately, the accident resulted in only minor injuries.

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According to police spokeswoman Michaela Richterová, the driver (1992) of the Audi was probably driving at high speed and lost control. He crashed into the vehicle driven by the woman in front of him and then into the barriers.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened to anyone, the man only injured his wrist and was taken to Kladen hospital. However, he breathed 1.4 parts per million of alcohol during the orientation breath test, which was carried out by the police on the spot.

Accident of a car with a train near Záp.

The train collided with a car near Záp. Among the injured was a child, one woman died

“The highway was completely closed at the time of the accident. Traffic in the left lane was restored at 10:15 a.m., fifteen minutes later the restriction was completely lifted,” the spokeswoman added.

The causes and circumstances of the traffic accident will be investigated by the police.

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