Dresses that dance. The exhibition will show the dance costumes of the StarDance contestants


Come and admire the beautiful haircuts! this is how Galerie Tančící dům invites you to an exhibition of original costumes from the extremely popular StarDance competition…when the stars dance. The exhibition Dresses that dance will last from November 10 to February 25 next year and will commemorate the dresses and other costumes of famous performers such as Jana Plodková, Anna Polívková, Ondřej Brzobohatý or Jiří Dvořák.

The Tančící dům gallery exhibits original costumes from StarDance.

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As part of the exhibition, visitors will be able to see almost sixty costumes of famous performers, including selected accessories. The atmosphere of the creation of costumes will be complemented by drawings from the designers, while the photos will also remind of the individual broadcasts in which the contestants danced in dresses.

Hundreds of unique garments are created for each line, over a thousand of them have been created in twelve seasons. Dance dresses often have to meet different requirements and criteria. Designers who have already taken on this difficult task are, for example, Klára Nademlýnská, Taťána Kovaříková, Hana Kopecká or Roman Šolc. And it was their originals that were lent to the exhibition by the Czech Television costume studio.

Richard Genzer on the backstage of StarDance: As a judge, I already cried

The exhibition also includes all the winning dresses from eleven previous rows.

“Obtaining the loan of dance costumes was not at all easy,” admits the director of the Tančící dům Gallery, Robert Vůjtek, and adds: “I am even more excited that people can see such exceptional pieces right in the Tančící dům.”

The costumes from the Czech version of this dance show are complemented by the dress of the singer Helena Vondráčková, in which she danced in the Polish version in 2007.

My dance expression is not completely cultivated, says Eva Adamczyková about StarDance

You will be able to see dresses worn by stars such as:
Marie Doležalová, Jitka Schneiderová, Tereza Bufková, Ondřej Brzobohatý, Jana Plodková, Miluška Bittnerová, Lucie Hunčárová, Anna K, Eva Krejčířová, JanCina, Michaela Nováková, Jana Zelenková, Mahulena Bočanová, Veronika Arichteva, Veronika KhekKubařová, Kristýna Coufalová, Roman Vojtek, Iva Langerová, Dana Batulková, Alice Stodůlková, Kateřina Baďurová, Anna Polívková, Zdeněk Piškula, Kristýna Leichtová, Jiří Dvořák.

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