Zln – Jablonec 1:1, still unbeaten under the crimson, the home side still led

Zln – Jablonec 1:1, still unbeaten under the crimson, the home side still led
Zln – Jablonec 1:1, still unbeaten under the crimson, the home side still led

Zln did not lose to the purple even in the fourth game under the new coach Bronislav.


We watch the match minute by minute.

Since the record 5:9 loss with Mlada Boleslav drew 0:0 in Olomouc, won 1:0 in Ostrava (Mol Cup) and 1:0 in Pardubice.

Even Jablonec could have been defeated, if young Tom Slonk had not stamped only those in the beast with a stele. In the last minute, the home team had to make one mistake.

We want to win at home, it was a battle of two long halves, but we will take the point in the end, said the Red Devil at the press conference. We came here for those points, but in the end even the one is good, commented guest Radoslav Ltal.

Zlnt started in black away jerseys, out of spite they wanted to continue the sleepless streak in the stadiums of the competition, where they did not lose five consecutive games in ad. That was decided and Mr. Game, I don’t talk about that anymore, smiled the redhead.

The first goal attempts by Bartok and Cedidla were unsuccessful, but that changed in the 19th minute. Vukadine sent Bartok into the break and his sharp ground cross was placed behind Hanuova by Fanti. He scored second in the league season.

Severoei held the baton of salvation in their hands. They had the closest chance to equalize after half an hour of the game, but did not cross his teammate Dostla in the goal of Zlna. Not even a 20-meter shot was taken. The home team’s quick raids were very dangerous, in the 40th minute, Buek could have scored a second goal, but Hana pulled his free kick into the corner. if we didn’t drink the kind of beer, it would have been encouraging, regretted Fanti.

The apple tree reached the water like a tree. Jovoviva’s pass was deflected by Tpnek and Martinec sent it from close range to st. In the first half of the season, he made his first impact. Zln conceded after 228 league minutes, premiered under the crimson flag and for the first time since the historic 5:9 debacle with Mlada Boleslav.

The guests were calmed down by the first goal and they regained control of the day. The second hit was on Krulich’s head, but he only headed it into Dostl’s nose. “We were under pressure and we were trying to give those moments a chance,” said the Red Devil.

As time went on, the home team was knocked from deep in the defensive line, two dangerous Slonka standard scores ended up on Tye and on the hands of Hanua. Not a single team made it to the top of the game, seven league matches in a row ended in a draw. Zln did not beat Severoechy in the top game in the 21st league match in a row, the last time they succeeded was in April 2008.

I can’t explain why the series is so long. This time, however, it was a well-deserved victory after two long halves, declared Fanti.

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