Zln is not the last, Budjovice fell to the bottom. Boleslav is on my PC

Zln is not the last, Budjovice fell to the bottom. Boleslav is on my PC
Zln is not the last, Budjovice fell to the bottom. Boleslav is on my PC

Boleslav came out on top of the incomplete table, beating Pardubice at home thanks to a goal from the first team representative Kueje.

Hradec drew 1:1 with Liberec in Nov. Malovick arn, because Pilae’s second-half goal was taken away by a video penalty due to offside. For the same reason, ihko’s goal was also invalid. Vauln, who had previously pushed through with his foot, had to defend against the keeper’s move in an offside position.

At home they were angry, they respected kivda.

I don’t understand the judge’s decision, it was a regular goal, declared Hradec Kralove coach Vclav Kotal.

The big change is the move of Zlín from the bottom of the table, where the team from the entrance of Morava spent the last two months unbeaten. Although he first conceded against the new coach of the purple team in the fourth game, he will be red for the home draw 1:1 with Jablonec. He always played in front of his own fans before losing 5:9 to Boleslav.

estnct are the new Czech Budjovice, who lost 0:1 to Teplice and to confirm that they did not even score a goal.

ek representative of the plant and then to jet tk los. But we know that we can sleep and get points. I don’t take the fact that we fell to last place personally. The match is over, we are only in the draw and we have a lot of time left until the end, don’t lose Marek Nikl, one of the coaches from Budjovice. Before Christmas, in addition to the cup duel with Jablonec, Dynamo is expecting rescues against Slavia, Hradec Krlov, Pilsen and Bohemians.

The use of eight-year-old Tuguldur Gantogtokh, an eight-year-old Tonka and the first Mongolian in the Czech league, did not help against Teplice.

Saturday’s program ended in olka, where Bohemians defeated Karvina 1:0.

The relegated Europeans have until Sunday, which is the last day before the November national team.

Leading Sparta will face Bank in Ostrava, Slavia will face Sigma in Olomouc and Slovacko will challenge Plzeň.

15th round of the Fortuna League

Summary of results, link and online report

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