Look: Lhota neutral ground did not work. In the end, she fell with Ostroh

Look: Lhota neutral ground did not work. In the end, she fell with Ostroh
Look: Lhota neutral ground did not work. In the end, she fell with Ostroh

While the team from Slovácko got in the mood for the evening end of the half-year with a clear win, Lhota was not so happy after the final loss.

I. B class sk. C, playoff 1st round –
Goals: 49. Milan Knedla from the penalty – 60. and 75. Martin Zálešák, 21. Martin Konečný, 27. Michal Horák. Referee: Vičánek – German, Hurab. Spectators: 40.

“The result is not very good. Unfortunately, the match took place after the end of the autumn part and it looked like that. We lacked emotion, more passion. We just went to play the game, while the opponent wanted to win,” says the coach of the losers, Jaroslav Kuna.

The 1st round match, which was postponed twice in the fall due to a waterlogged pitch, was played for the third time. Paradoxically, on artificial grass in Kunovice, where the guests from Uherské Ostroh were closer.

“Although the artist does not suit some of our players, I was almost at home,” says Šálek.

His team had to travel longer, and the opponent lost the home advantage. “We play here at least twice a year, so we knew what to expect. However, we did not train in Kunovice before the match. Our little artist in Ostroh was enough for us,” said Šálek.

Polešovice missed the opportunity to take the lead, they fell at home. Ostroh didn’t play

The people of Lhota did not make sympathetic excuses for a different environment. “The pitch was different, but it wasn’t bad from us. Unfortunately, we were let down by individual mistakes. We conceded three goals to the opponent,” said Kuna.

But Lhota struck first. However, David Bartona’s goal from the 10th minute was disallowed due to the alleged offside.

Ostroh was shooting for a while, Zálešák’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Mikeštík. headed next door.

But then the visiting attacker found a punishingly free Konečný with a precise cross and he sent the team from Slovácko into the lead.

Lhota footballer Milan Knedla after the match with Uherský Ostroh

Source: Libor Kopl

Horák dealt the second blow to the opponent. After a deflected corner, he fired through Mikeštík from a distance.

Ostrog also created other chances in the first half. Zálešák reached the end twice. His header was blocked by goalkeeper Mikeštík with difficulty, and he sent another shot just over the bar.

Lhota responded with an attempt by Knedla and David Bartona’s header, which was caught by goalkeeper Pěnčík.

Before the break, Zálešák and Sedláček were still rushing for a chance, but they did not solve the escape correctly.

It was busy in Bělinka even after the change of sides. The home side brought Knedlo back into the game, who converted the penalty awarded for Studnička’s foul on David Bartona.

Lhota came to life, she was chasing an equalization. But she made mistakes at the back. Sedláček still finished wide, but Zálešák uncompromisingly punished another miss in the opponent’s play. The elite regional scorer sealed Ostrož’s triumph with his eleventh goal of the season.

“We were let down by the mistakes that preceded the goals,” sighed Kuna.

Uherské Ostroh footballer Michal Horák after the match with Lhota

Source: Libor Kopl

Lhota, on the other hand, struggled at the end. David Červenka stamped the crossbar, other chances were caught by the reliable Pěnčík or deflected by the visiting defense.

“We have problems with scoring goals,” agrees the coach. “The boys had an abnormal spring, otherwise it’s very similar,” he adds.

Coach Kuna’s team scored a respectable 26 goals in the fall, but scored only fifteen points.

“Last fall there weren’t that many of them, so it’s probably a normal thing to do in Lhota, but I’m not satisfied,” the coach admits. however, it is fragile. We have a territorial advantage, but we don’t capitalize on it in terms of results. And if one or two players drop out of our lineup, you can tell,” he continues.

In Uherské Ostroh, they wanted to have twenty points after the autumn, in the end they are happy with seventeen, which is definitely not enough. “I’m eighty percent satisfied,” Šálek smiles.

He regrets the draw in Zlechov, where they only conceded goals at the end, and also the home loss against Vlčnov. “Of course, we surprised again with the leader Ořechov, which no one expected,” Šálek added.

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