The flood defenses in the city center will be modernized and expanded

The flood defenses in the city center will be modernized and expanded
The flood defenses in the city center will be modernized and expanded

Prague will modernize and expand flood defenses in the center of the metropolis, which will be longer and higher. The changes will concern the Masaryk, Smetanov, Alšov and Dvořák embankments.

The expansion was approved by the representatives of the capital. The work will start this year and finish next year. The city management estimates the costs at 51 million crowns without VAT.

Prague began building anti-flood measures after the devastating flood in 2002, which caused 27 billion crowns in damage in the metropolis. The last time a major flood hit Prague was in 2013, when mainly smaller flows caused problems.

The goal of the repairs is to increase the flood protection by 30 centimeters above the level of the flood in 2002. At the same time, the builders will reconstruct and strengthen the foundations of the barriers that are in the sidewalks. During the repair, the workers will demolish the stone thresholds and the stainless steel anchor plates of the shells of the existing embankment. The original elements will be fully replaced by new structures made of stainless steel in a matte finish.

The city will also have mobile barriers built in sections that are currently covered with sandbags. It concerns the Masaryk, Smetan and Dvořák embankments. The barriers will follow the current dam and will also have an upper limit of 30 centimeters above the 2002 high water level.

Since 2002, the Prague municipality has invested four billion crowns in the city’s flood protection. The city built about 20 kilometers of barriers and gates closing the Čertovka, a pumping station was built at Rokytka in Libni and anti-flood closures of the tributaries of this river. The city is also gradually revitalizing streams and rivers and building anti-flood levees. The protection of Šárecký údolí, Lahovice, Lahoviček and Sedlce is still unresolved.

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