the purple one in Zln kept the course, but she regretted it: We were raising our hands

the purple one in Zln kept the course, but she regretted it: We were raising our hands
the purple one in Zln kept the course, but she regretted it: We were raising our hands

For us, every point we win is encouraged, said the red-haired girl after the home advantage on the Zlín bench. The successor of the recalled Pavel Vrba played the first game outside, on Saturday he introduced himself to the fans for the first time at Letn. And it was a 1:1 match, which made the house feel even worse.

If they had taken the lead from the 19th minute, they would have crushed not only the last Czech Budjovice, but also Jablonec and the points would have caught up to Pardubice with Karvina. In the context of pedelch blam, however, they were satisfied with the point.

If we had been worried about those weeks back, we would have taken him for sure, recalled Antonn Fanti about Devtig’s home fiasco with Mlada Boleslav, after which Vrba was packing.

The former national team coach left Letná with a shameful record of 1-3-8, a score of 13:34 and an inescapable feeling that he does not know how he wants to present himself. With the red card, Zln gained five points from three rounds (2:1), Ostrava advanced to the quarter-finals, and in less than a few weeks he impressed the team with a recognizable playing style. Which one?

Listen to his assessment of Saturday’s water event, which Zln won 1:0. We played a lot of time in the block, actively, we had access to the flow of the game, we had to try to hit, we beat me, we went to fast counterflows. We bought one recently. We didn’t catch you either because of the manager’s actions or because of the situation. koda e we didn’t drink the kind of gl. In the second half, it would be the same for us, summed up the ervenka.

We should have taken the lead, asked Fanti as well, who in the 19th minute ruled out Bartok’s attack on the left in the open goal.

In that moment, not only did the crimson star see Buk just before the break, but the Jablonec goalkeeper Hanu took a step out of the way and quickly went to the corner with his hand.

Zln regretted the turn of events. Martinec legalized a center from the right side according to Dostel, who cashed in first from the return to the goal after painting the kidneys. His impotence lasted 318 minutes, but he did not allow Jablonec any more.

Gl knocked us down for a quarter of an hour. We were passive, we didn’t give the opponent a lot of space to combine. We baked two of those dangerous moments that blew up, the redhead breathed.

We were afraid that it wouldn’t turn out bad again. For twenty minutes we didn’t know where his head was, Fanti said.

Even so, I still had a red file to deal with. In the last minute, Stdajc Slonk hit his head close to the goal, before curling a 30-meter kick into the goal.

We raised our hands. Bohuel rang you. Glman wouldn’t have it. Sometimes it turned around and you got screwed. Let’s go long Remza is fair, acknowledged the purple. Even he didn’t break the Jablonec complex.

At the league win over Pelt’s club, Zln, with 21 saves and no more than 15 years, the last home win from 18 years ago, the purple remembers going like a game… I wouldn’t even say it’s been that long, shaking my head.

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