Asian e-shop plays on emotions and robs people of money

-- is one of the addresses from which the fake game of feelings rolls. It is as if cut out of official warnings against fraudulent e-shops. There is no telephone contact, the terms and conditions refer to an address in Hong Kong with a French phone number that does not work. The website was founded this year in Reykjavík, there is no place to complain about the goods.

On the other hand, advertising for this store appears in abundance on social networks. The e-shop looks like it is a long-standing Czech family business that is closing its doors precisely because of cheap textiles from China.

People are falling victim to fake cash on delivery

Someone deletes the inappropriate comments of people under the advertisement, leaving only positive ratings from fictitious customers whose profiles were obviously created just for such purposes. The observant user may be warned by the already strange-sounding, obviously artificially created names of such “contributors”.

Unfair practices

The Czech Trade Inspection is aware of the fraud, but reacts retroactively, already due to the huge number of fake sellers. “Practically every day we add some dubious address to the list of risky e-shops,” inspection spokesman František Kotrba told Práv.

According to him, precisely the missing mandatory information is the basic sign of the seller’s dishonesty. The name of the operator, its registered office, telephone number and address for e-mail delivery, terms and conditions and ID number should never be missing.

Deceptive claims, such as the fable about a Czech family business on sale, are unfair practices according to the Consumer Protection Act.

“These include actions where the entrepreneur falsely states that the goods will only be available for purchase for a limited time with the aim of forcing the consumer to make an immediate decision, or when he makes a false statement that he intends to close his business,” confirmed Kotrba.

As for fake reviews, posting them is also considered an unfair business practice.

At the same time, a legal regulation has been in effect for almost a year, according to which every entity that publishes reviews must inform whether and how it verifies them. It is not possible to publish a rating without this explanation – this should also be a warning to consumers.

Check the list

“The consumer must receive clear information about who he is entering into a contractual relationship with, under what conditions, and with whom he may complain and return goods, whether he is based in the Czech Republic, the EU, or outside these countries,” summarized Kotrba.

“If the data is missing, it is a sign of a risky e-shop for consumers and they should think twice about the purchase,” he emphasized.

Unfortunately, it is already too late for those who have already made a purchase on the aforementioned website, which looks like a family business. Although they can turn to the police and possibly the courts, they usually do not get anything, or it is not even worth it.

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