Zmek Linhart’s preparation for the winter tour, the castle produced unique figurines


The Holy Family with Jek in the cradle, the kings, the angels, the traps with the sheep, the ox and the donkey. Right at the nativity scene, visitors will see a festive table of our papyrus world with examples of zmeck tdroveern veee, Jaroslav Hrub describes the installation inside, which has filled the zmeck chapel since December 2.

Jaroslav Hrub is busy preparing a round of postcards.

In front of the chapel at the winter floor, there will be tours. A bunch of kids in epics and with lamas around their necks, there’s a snowball from both balls, roll around and dovdov. There are also sky and carp. Even the sky ones are made of pepper. I have to fill in the paperwork, for which one of the children will be sent to the church.

You krovl like a fist for little Jek, a fist in his hands. The belt carries a sheep on the walls and surrounds it with dals, brought out in every detail, the same as the individual figures from the royal crowns, the dog is decorated with buttons on the collar and a shepherd’s staff, and sometimes curls of hair.

Jaroslav Hrub has been making figurines for several months and continues to do so. Followed by a unique set of more than hundreds of peppered characters, they made the lives of the local men easier for people all season long. The castle, musicians, dancers, leniency zmeck guards, children and guests zmeck banquets were made by the castle method during those years, when glue was applied to the base and layers of pepper were added. Except for the set, this year at Jae became an eskm record.

However, these are not the first pepper models that Jaroslav Hrub has produced, he has clowns, characters from the past and from prehistoric times. About five hundred years ago, he estimates, adding that he gradually worked on a lot of flowers.

First, I cut the figures out of boxes that I taped with newspaper. When it dried and hardened, I carved a hunter shape out of it and glued it back on. Later, I started using a Krejov virgin as a base, and then I used a plastic mannequin. It’s much faster.

Advent tours in Linhartov are complemented by the construction of a nativity scene made of various materials. Devnch, hkovanch, pepper and others. And so a round of postcards. That’s a few hundred. I keep all the ones I get. The oldest is from 1970, I wrote it to my mother from the war and she kept it in the castle.

The opening of the installation will take place on December 2 at 5 p.m.

I will be visiting the Linhartovy estate throughout December.

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