The weakened Olomouc didn’t have much of a chance on the ground of Nymurk

The weakened Olomouc didn’t have much of a chance on the ground of Nymurk
The weakened Olomouc didn’t have much of a chance on the ground of Nymurk

The basketball players of BK Redstone Olomouc entered the rematch of the first phase of the Kooperativa NBL on the Nymburk court and lost 71:95, as the weakened team always kept pace in the first half of the ten-minute periods. Then they didn’t physically attack the opponent at a high pace.

“Nymburk and its coaches are doing a good job. They know what it takes to win a match. They play extremely hard and it’s hard to match. Especially when we were missing two important players. But I’m proud of our players, how they fought today. The young players gained valuable experience today,” Olomouc coach Andrew Hipsher said after the game.

According to the pre-match forecasts, David Škranc and Dupree McBrayer were missing from Olomouc’s lineup due to health problems. At first, the weakening was not noticeable in the result. Less than three minutes before the end of the first quarter, the guests held a tie at 12:12, but they could not finish the quarter and entered the next quarter with an unfavorable score of 16:26.

Nymburk’s strength of the basic squad and balanced substitutions was also evident in the rest of the half. The Polabsk team dominated on the rebound and made a number of second shooting attempts. In addition, he was more successful when shooting from a distance and was able to break away from Olomouc until the result was 49:32 after twenty minutes.

After returning from the cabin, the Olomouc players tried to keep up with the opponent and did not allow a major drop for more than seven minutes. At the end of the third part, however, Nymburk already bounced back to a tired opponent with easy baskets to a difference of twenty-one points before the last quarter.

Sigma’s little boy stepped onto Zbrojovka. Fiala decided in the end

Only in the end did the home team relent slightly. In the 39th minute, Olomouc reduced the score to nineteen points, the winners took care of the end and once again got a bigger difference.

“We’ll look at the video and the things we didn’t do right today, but the main thing is that they fought and played hard today. It was an interesting situation that Adamu started against the team where he started the season. When it turned out that Nymburk had released him, we immediately took him. And I’m glad for that, because Amin is a great person and he brings us what we were looking for. And today he showed what he’s got,” concluded Andrew Hipsher.

ERA Basketball Nymburk – BK Redstone Olomouc 95:71 (26:16, 23:16, 23:19, 23:20)

Top Scorers: Jitaurious 13, Tůma 12, Sehnal 11, Bell 10, Kovář 10, Svejcar 10, Bohačík 9, Collins 8, Sukhmail 8, Rylich 4 – Shaver 15, Bailey 14, Adamu 13, Hemphill 11, Feštr 9, Klepač 7, Žák 2 .

Table: 1. Nymburk 8/2, 2. Opava 9/3, 3. Ústí nad Labem 7/4, 4. USK Prague 7/4, 5. Kolín 7/5, 6. Písek 5/4, 7. Děčín 6/ 6, 8. Brno 5/5, 9. Pardubice 57, 10. Olomoucko 3/811. Slavia Prague 3/8, 12. Ostrava 1/10.

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