At Doubravka, they have almost 60 special dustbins for sorting oil from households

At Doubravka, they have almost 60 special dustbins for sorting oil from households
At Doubravka, they have almost 60 special dustbins for sorting oil from households

Almost 60 specially marked black bins for used oil and grease from households are available at container stands and some separation points in the fourth district of Pilsen. A pilot project for the sorting of a specific type of waste is taking place right here. In this way, the City of Pilsen finds out how well people sort it and how much oil and grease from households can be collected in this way. Based on the information obtained, it will be shown how much interest there is in this service. So far, over 7 kilograms of oil and fats are sorted on average per month.

Sorting oil and fat, especially after frying, will help the housewives themselves, who often decide how best to deal with them. Food oils and fats often end up in the sink or toilet. But in this way, the sewer pipe can become clogged.

The fourth district of Pilsen is an ideal representative sample, as there are housing estates, family houses and satellite or peripheral areas. “Furthermore, there is no significant incidence of vandalism recorded here, there are the fewest black dumps in the whole of Pilsen, besides, people here have learned to sort waste very well,” explains the head of the environmental department of the Municipality of Pilsen, Ing. Dagmar Svobodová Kaiferová. “I am very happy that our residents care about a responsible approach to the environment. We therefore invest in waste infrastructure in the long term, whether in the cultivation of container stands or in the construction of so-called separation points, which serve to sort waste. This year alone, we have invested a total of 3 million crowns and built 6 separation points, and two more will be added by the end of the year, which is the most in the whole of Pilsen,” adds Tomáš Soukup, mayor of Čtyřky.

And how to properly sort household oil? It’s simple, just pour the oil after frying into a plastic bottle, close it and then throw it in a special container for this type of waste. People should not use glasses, they usually break and complicate the process of further processing. Oil from waste containers is further processed. “First, all the oil is poured out of the individual pay bottles and then it is prepared for further processing,” calculates Svobodová Kaiferová.

After several stages of purification, it is used as an additive for second-generation biodiesel or fully recycled aviation fuel. The project will last until 2026, based on the ongoing sorting results, oil containers will be installed at separation points in other parts of Pilsen.

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