VIDEO: Glasses clinked in the square, Saint Martin arrived in Znojmo with young wine


Hundreds of people took advantage of the first opportunity to taste the wines of the 2023 vintage at Masaryk Square in Znojmo. The dean of Znojmo Jindřich Bartoš blessed the results of the winemakers’ work.

St. Martin brought young wines to Znojmo’s Masaryk square to be blessed.

| Video: Martin Moštěk

A Roman soldier’s helmet and breastplate flash in the sun, a white horse is patiently petted by timid but curious children. They are standing on Masaryk Square and waiting for the symbolic time of eleven minutes after eleven in the morning. Saint Martin on his holiday, he brings the result of the work of the Znojmo winemakers to traditional blessings and the first tasting.

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Between the stalls of winemakers from the region, visitors are increasing in front of a small podium. “Saint Martin, he’s over there, he’s coming here,” is carried from one group to another. Patron of winemakers mayor Ivana Solařová and dean Jindřich Bartoš welcome. “Today’s holiday should remind us that we drink wine together, it is an opportunity to meet, celebrate and talk together. In order to benefit from it, openness and moderation are needed, and if it is true that there is truth in wine, we should always say it with love,” said Dean Bartoš to those present. He then blessed the wines and after a toast, St. Martin poured the first sparkling glasses on the podium.

According to František Koudela, the head of the co-organizer Znojemská Beseda and the wine association VOC Znojmo, František Koudela, this year is very promising. “At the same time, he tested the winemakers’ abilities a lot. Due to the long warm weather, they either had to hurry to the vineyards or collect some varieties twice in order to create interesting and harmonious wines,” said Koudela.

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He reminded that in the Znojmo Region at the end of the wine-growing season, although it is already colder, it is still sunny, which benefits the late varieties. “It’s still early days, but St. Martin’s Day is the first opportunity when we can get an idea of ​​how the winemakers managed. It seems that with this year’s wines of late varieties there is again a good potential to age well in bottles and show its full beauty in a few years,” estimated Koudela.

Source: Martin Moštěk

On Saturday, people can taste the wines of winemakers from Znojmo on Masaryk square until the early evening. At four in the afternoon and at six, a procession with St. Martin leaves the square.

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