At Slavia first with Novek. Olomout wants to be dangerous and graduate ance

At Slavia first with Novek. Olomout wants to be dangerous and graduate ance
At Slavia first with Novek. Olomout wants to be dangerous and graduate ance

I was left with black Petr and they cheered for the big Sigma, Novk recalled for the Z voleje podcast, which broadcast on Tuesday. The paths of Navrtila and Novek diverged at that time and they did not meet again in their thirties.

Novk took it to the league with Zln, he won the Czech championship with Jablonec, the Turkish league with Trabzonspor and the Danish league with Midtjylland, he has 28 starts in a year, in an eye-catching resume he also played for the giant Fenerbahce Istanbul, and on Sunday (18.00) against Slavia he will make his first start for Sigma , she once chose them differently. The paraplegic with a nimble left-hander is back from Esk after eight years, and he does not deny that he would like to go out into the world. By the end of the season, bag signed for Olomouc. And I’m hungry for a rush, he announced. It would be great for Sigma if it could show the game in Europe.

Oekvan, with reinforcements at least in the position of left stopper, should take the place of Kdelka Navrtila. Variant m trainer Vclav Jlek vc and so bad about whether he will be fit stopper Vt Bene after his illness.

Filip Novk is ready. He can play left-back and stopper, in a trio or in the rear defense. He opened it with options. We have some rms in the dark and we’ll see if eventually all of them will be available. Then we will decide accordingly, said Jlkv’s branch Ji Sak, who ruled Novek in Jablonec. The regular spinner is ready, after the end in the exotic game in Ab Zab, he last played for the Al Dazra club in January. We are very happy that Filda signed with us. The moon is thorny and dark with them, and it will be hot, pointed out the ton Luk Juli.

New signing of Sigma Olomouc defender Filip Novk is flourishing in Jablonec.

In Jablonec, Jet remained on the bench, on Sunday he will run out at the Andro Stadium with a score of 57 for the first time in a blue jersey. I would never have thought that I would play for Sigma. And I’m here, Novk winked.

He went to a bunch of big battles, his knees didn’t even touch fifty thousand fans in Fenerbahce. The experienced fighter won’t be intimidated even by Slavia, even if the game fails, and Sevan will also be encouraged by a 2:0 win over AS in the European League.

The guys showed their potential performance ceiling. You have to work on repeating it right away in Sunday’s game, said coach Praan Jindich Trpiovsk. The soup will want to pick on us, but when you want to be the best, you have to confirm it.

If it is a battle for the fifth place in the table with the second place, the Hanci are a clear outsider at the high odds of 5.52, but it should be a good match for the outside.

Anyone who watches esk football, in how Slavia presents itself in the long term. It’s strong, aggressive and dark, nothing new for us. But to beat yourself up wherever you go, betrayed Sak. In the Czech league, it is not an easy day for Slavia either. Let’s definitely try to win.

Sigma played the rest of the time in Jablonec, but they paid for Digani’s goal mistake and Vodhnla’s throw-in with Zorvan and only drew when the cannoner Juli equalized with a shot in the corner, only to get back in shape after a muscle injury. I was not 100% prepared against Zlna. I was there since glu, which I didn’t give in the end. I was able to fully thorn here. My psyche was also better. I knew he would take the floor. Muscle at natst dr. I hope I’ll be happy in time, I’ve been busy. In order for Sigma to defeat Slavia, it is not only Julie who needs to be at ease.

The recipe in such battles, when you are against the favorite, is the same, it is about the darkness, so that everything clicks into place on D-day and H-hour. Slavia had a similar situation against AS m, observed Sak. You have to excel in many positions with above-standard performance at the limit of your potential. That’s what you need in a hurry when you’re going up against the best. And so improve productivity not in Jablonec.

It will be necessary for us to be effective, and when we create our ances, then change them. In the last two matches, we had more or less matches, but we didn’t concede, and that’s why we only drew. Against Slavia, it will be necessary for us to be dangerous, says Sak.

This will also be the case for Novek, who scored a respectable 39 goals in eight years abroad.

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