VIDEO: ensk, tvrtnek and Hrunsk hraj Bylo ns pt. After many years

VIDEO: ensk, tvrtnek and Hrunsk hraj Bylo ns pt. After many years
VIDEO: ensk, tvrtnek and Hrunsk hraj Bylo ns pt. After many years

In the crack of the Theater Na Jezerce, the village was not used to the cast of actors. Ptice herc played roles from Karel Polek’s iconic book Bylo ns pt. I think that Mr. Polek could be satisfied, we honor his spirit, said Jan Hrunsk, the theater’s editor and the tact representative of the death of Edy Kemlinka. The game takes place in a retirement home sometime in the 90s. those retirees fondly remember their childhood and their friend Peu Bajza, reported Hrunsk Novinka.

When a person listens to old music or watches old movies, it transports him back to years ago, and then leads him to the nostalgic mood of Jan Ensk. He appears in the role of Zilvara from the workhouse. Anton Bejval was then portrayed by Petr tvrtnek, and Jirska’s name was Vclav Tobrman. Martin Letk will play Petra Bajza. Other roles will be played by Patricie Pagov, Ondej Kavan and Johana Jedlikov.

Before this introduction, I did an introduction about Karel Apek for Jezerka. apek and Polek were great friends, explains Vacek’s reasons for creating the work. Knka is attractive because of its language and the fact that it was created in the sad times when Poles thought they didn’t know how to five. And at that time he wrote a cheerful, funny and joyful book. I like that, bro.

The time of day is not so happy and so it is difficult to do something with sadness. We don’t ignore him, but we fight him, Petr Vacek continues. Knka is funny, seril is funny, and I hope that the next one will be just as funny and funny, he concluded. We had a premiere at the Na Jezerce Theater on Wednesday, November 15.

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